#burnsteem25| #Club100 | The Diary of Betterlife - 06 August 2022 | A night visit to Sidi Bou Said

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Hi steemians,

Yesterday we decided to do a night visit to Sidi Bou Said. This village has the effect of a garden, a veritable hodgepodge of palm trees, pines, yews, lemon trees and shimmering bougainvillea. Not to mention the scent of jasmine that invades certain alleys and would almost lead to ecstasy.


Added to this is an anthology of houses, each more beautiful than the next, Mediterranean to the end of their shutters.







We quickly understand that it is better to explore Sidi Bou Said early in the morning. Even if there are few tourists in Tunisia, the center is tiny and serves as the backdrop for a huge selfie contest in the morning, when the groups disembark by bus, before returning to normal around sunset because the Small souvenir shops are numerous and cafes too.



Wait, it's not over, because Sidi Bou Saïd offers views of a maddeningly colored sea, venturing somewhere between turquoise and... frosty!

The most famous place in the village is probably the Café des Délices, whose advertising propaganda is provided by the broken voice of Patrick Bruel.


café de délice.jpg

It is true that its location is ideal…

… but flee! The establishment has become a notorious tourist trap where all scams are allowed. We propose to rename it “Café des Délits”.


Instead, continue towards the end of the village where there is a beautiful belvedere with a view of the port below and the entire coast as far as Tunis. Look, even under the moon, the water retains its unearthly hue.


After this tour we chose to disembark at a nice teahouse called Blu Blu to have our dinner.



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Masya Allah... Ganteng nya ananda.. Semoga sehat selalu dan jadi anak saleh

Thank you my dear.

the night atmosphere at "sidi bou said" is very beautiful!! you are very lucky to be there.
greetings 🙏🙏

@tipu curate

Hello, @kouba01. Your article has been supported using the @steemcurator05.

have a nice day bro ❤️❤️

the baby was so cute

A detailed diary, that how you spent your beautiful night of beautiful life. As well as you shared photos for every great moment.
Something new to me that Sidi Bou, place. I will try to find out about this more. Those streets are very beautiful and strong. Good to see them.

Hello, @kouba01

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Oh wow! You have shared an awesome outing with beautiful photos.

Lovely pics! This post reminded me of a pretty good 90s band from London called Sidi Bou Said that I'd totally forgotten about.

I hadn't realised it was a place name; I wonder if they had a connection with Tunisia.

Anyway, here's a track from their album :)