Guidelines To Get SC05 Support, "FinTech" (Finance and Technology) For July

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This is my 5th month curation journey as part of the Quality Control team, however, as in the previous curation period, I, who was part of the "Quality Control" Curation Team, was again entrusted being part of the team, thank you I say to steemitblog who has given us the opportunity and trust again in providing curation @steemcurator05. Today's journey is certainly thanks to the integrity of the Team who continues to work with high dedication.

The "Quality Control" team composed of great individuals, has demonstrated integrity and commitment and worked professionally in providing curation with relevant themes. The Finance & Technology theme : finance, business, crypto, science, technology, computing is a theme that has plagiarism vulnerabilities so the team must work extra to check each content publication carefully.

In previous curation periods since I joined the Team, I admit that as part of the Team I had a lot of difficulty finding content to curate, this did not escape how the contestants understood the use of tagging according to the theme. I had to go through a lot of content for a few reasons:

  1. Identified plagiarism
  2. Content not relevant to the Theme
  3. Not belonging to one club, either club100, club75 or club5050.
  4. Using Upvote Bot services
  5. Have received 3x support over a 7 day period

using tagging that is irrelevant to the content so that the content is simply skipped:

  • #FinTech: As discussed earlier in Kouba01 in his post publication, the use of the FintTech hashtag is a tag that should be used so that the curation team can find their content when curating.

  • #Finance, #Business, #Technology, #Computing, #Cryptography, #Science: Apart from using the main tag above (Fintech), we also expect users to include one of the other tags that match their content. Remember, only 1 additional tag is enough.

  • #club100, #club75 and #club5050: Involvement in one club is an important part of the curation element, personally I will give a higher percentage of votes to those who are members of club100, while I will lower the percentage of curation votes when their club status is on club75 or club5050. Another consideration of the percentage of curation is the quality of the content. Interesting content by conveying detailed information related to the content discussed, for example using original images will also add value to the content. I also check club status regularly on each content using

  • #Steemexclusive: Publish articles only on the steemit platform, not posts that have been published on other blogs and republished by changing some of the contents of the content. This is a mandatory hashtag that must be included among other mandatory tags.

Checking for Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the initial foundation for users when actively steemit, this is in accordance with the guidelines in the Newcomers community to complete Achievement 3 on Plagiarism. The point is that plagiarism is a prohibited activity and I consistently check it using 2 plagiarism detection websites:


I also read one by one the posts that were suspected of plagiarism by doing a manual search, because I had found content that circumvented the article by using a text scrambler application so that it was not read by the system. We also found content that quoted content from youtube, then converted it into text either manually or using special applications such as Convert Voice to Text, or other similar applications. This is prohibited because it is a form of plagiarism.

Through this publication, I hope that users will continue to actively produce quality content according to their capacity so that they have maximum curation potential. And in accordance with the provisions released previously, per week each user is only allowed to get a maximum of 3 curations. And the Team is trying to distribute the votes evenly to other users.

Note: This article is published based on references from Finance And Technology | Quality Control team Guidelines and Reexplanation

Best Regards,

Cc: @kouba01 , @ozenozge, @pelon53 , @fredquantum , @steemdoctor1 , @chiabertrand, @steemcurator01

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Thank you for sharing this great tips my Friend, Congratulations once again for wining the curation team again.

This nice permit me to confess that fintech, business curators are very active. They are actively working. Since i joined steemit i have seen or know team that are incharge of steemgrowth. You guys are the best.

You have set guidelines in many beautiful ways. This is a very useful post, through which everyone in the community became aware of the method of getting support from sc05. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable post with us.

Best regards 💝