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Hi all steemians friends, I hope you are healthy. On this occasion I would like to post and display some photos of my rice fields before harvest.

Yesterday I visited the rice fields to monitor the progress of my rice which will soon be harvested so I no longer buy rice for daily consumption. so therefore have to wait for the harvest to arrive.


For most Indonesians, rice is a staple food as a source of carbohydrates to provide energy for the body. Rice is a processed product derived from grains called Paddy, after going through a long process on a milling machine, rice is produced.

Rice, which has the Latin name Oryza Sativa, is an important plant in human civilization. Rice is thought to have come from India or Indo China and was brought by the ancestors when they immigrated from mainland Asia.



You need to know, to get a grain of rice requires a long process, from preparation of agricultural land, rice seedlings, rice planting, rice harvesting, and drying processes and the last is milling rice into rice.

Before harvesting rice, we must first check the age of the rice whether it is ready to harvest or not, use machines and tools that meet technical, health, economic and ergonomic requirements, and implement an appropriate harvesting system.


Errors in harvesting rice can result in high yield losses and low yield quality. At this stage, the yield loss can reach 9.52% if the rice harvester has an error.

Harvesting of rice can usually be done after the panicle is 30-35 days after flowering evenly and 90-95% of the grain from the panicle has turned yellow.

  • because times have advanced, we have to harvest rice with a Modern Rice Cutting Machine

Rice cutting machine or rice harvesting machine is a new agricultural breakthrough tool that is used to harvest rice or cut rice stalks. This rice cutting machine can help streamline and streamline the rice harvesting process.

By using a rice cutter, the process of harvesting rice or cutting rice stalks becomes easier, faster, safer, and saves energy, time, thoughts and costs.

  • How to Harvest Rice with agricultural technology.

The way it works is that when the machine is operated, the front of the machine immediately cuts off the rice plants that are ready to be harvested. From the back of the machine, clean rice straw comes out.

The straw was neatly arranged in the rice fields. Meanwhile, the clean rice comes out of the side of the machine and goes straight into the rice bag.


Harvesting rice using machines has several advantages, namely energy saving because it only requires a minimum of three people, so the rice is clean and the rate of rice loss is less.

In fact, if the rice is harvested with a rice thresher machine or traditional tools, the rate of rice loss is higher and requires a lot of manpower.

That's all from me, hopefully we can continue to do good to get blessings from Allah S.W.T. Amen..


salam hormat :

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