World Smile Expands Project to Pakistan and Nigeria

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Hi everyone...

after successfully implementing projects in venezuela, Indonesia and the philippines. The World Smile Project continues to work passionately in expanding the reach of aid distribution to people who desperately need the help of generous donors.

World Smile Project is the first international charity on the steemit platform that does not limit the space for users to join us.

Today I am officially announcing that project implementation in the two countries will soon begin by appointing a WSP representative in each country

  1. @huzaifanaveed1 from pakistan, leaders the WSP pakistan team in implementing projects in pakistan and managing the charity account @smilepakistan to raise funds for the World Smile project
  2. @ubongudofot from Nigeria, leders the WSP Nigeria team in implementing projects in Nigeria and managing the @smilenigeria charity account to raise funds for the World Smile project

In order to maintain transparency in the use of World Smile Project funds and public trust, each WSP leader in each country is expected to:

  • Reporting Income/Expenditures on @smilepakistan and @smilenigeria charity accounts every week in the Steem For Betterlife community
  • Each project that will be implemented needs coordination with the core World Smile Project team and will be discussed in the World Smile Project meeting.

We hope that the country representative of Pakistan and the country representative of Nigeria will support the World Smile project which is being implemented in their country. Our efforts to introduce Steemit to all levels of society cannot be separated from the support of the entire steemit team and steemit users in carrying out charity activities through the World Smile Project, Thank you

CC : @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @pennsif, @el-nailul @irawandedy

Warm Regards

World Smile Project Team

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It's a great privilage , and i'm so greatful for this new assignment, thank you very much our great community and our great leaders.

Congratulations on your achievements, may what we plan to do well.

Thank you.

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Prestasi saya masih belum diverifikasi setelah saya memposting tautan di sini. Apa yang salah dengan perkenalan ini?
Tolong dicek link nya Mr. @heriadi

Terima Kasih

Assalamualaikum bg @heriadi saya sudah menyelesaikan dan memperbaiki tugas Achievement 4 saya, mohon bimbingannya bg. Berikut link tugas 4 saya

Terimakasih bg

Halo selamat pagi pak @heriadi, ini link tentang Achievement 1 saya mohon di cek untuk diverifikasi.
ACHIEVEMENT 1 : Introduce My Self | 16 Februari 2022 : Join Steemit Account by My @liza15

Wow I really appreciate this nice project so many people wlill Benefits from it, it will also help promote steemit and steem in my country

Thank you @eliany you have welcomed us well, hopefully this project has the support of all parties.

I appreciate

This is great, I appreciate the project, many will benefit from the program, here in Nigeria. Thanks for the update.

Thank you so much for assigning @worldsmile a beneficiary.

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Very Great expansion by Worldsmile by reaching out to Nigeria here.

I hope to work in any possible way I can to donate and support this project

Hello dear @sammylove, thank you very much for the willingness, please keep watching this space, there is going to be an update soon.

Alright, thanks Sir, I'll surely try to follow up and keep updated


Thank you @sammylove you have a high social soul.

It's a matter of honor for me and for everyone out there for helping the people of this world.

With the expansion of this charity project. the goals of WSP will be achieved, thanks for the cooperation, hopefully @smilepakistan become an independent account to help people in Pakistan.

Many thanks to this great community for this kind gesture. We deeply appreciate and won't let you down.

Thanks for saying good word to you @adylinah, let's make them smile with the world smile project

A great initiative, and I am happy that I am able to help in the smilepakistan project under the supervision of huzaifanaveed1.

Wow this is great, I really appreciate this noble community for their kind consideration, I'm short of words all I can say is thank you!

You're welcome, wsp is a project that needs the support of everyone.

So pleased and grateful to have extended to my country and to pakistan. I believe with faith, a countries will take part too

Thank you for welcoming the World Smile project well in your country.