Curation Change For Delegator @steembetterlife | STEEM BETTER LIFE COMMUNITY

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Dear Delegator...

In connection with the change to the new official account of the Steem For Better Life Community @steembetterlife, which we announced a few days ago in the following post : Introduction and Switching of the official Steem for Better Life community account

Image 2022-01-15 at 00.57.58.jpeg

@steembetterlife will continue to provide curation (votes) to all delegates with a percentage adjusted to the amount of Steem Power (SP) delegated to the @steembetterlife account, the greater the Steem power (SP) delegated, the greater the percentage of curation given as an award has support Steem For Better Life community.

To increase active posters in the Steem Better Life community, Starting January 15, 2022 the curator of the Steem For Betterlife Community will curate all posts that have the label 'Member' and 'Delegator' on the Steem Betterlife Community page.

For Delegators who do not have Active Posts in the Steem For Betterlife community, they still get curation from the @steembetterlife account with a smaller percentage of votes compared to curating active posts in the For Betterlife community.

We hope that the cooperation of all parties can build the Steem For better life community in the future. Thus, we convey this announcement so that you can understand it, Thank you


Perubahan Kurasi Untuk Delegator @steembetterlife

Sehubungan pergantian akun resmi Komunitas Steem For Betterlife yang baru @steembetterlife, yang telah kami umumkan bebrapa hari yang lalu pada postingan berikut : Introduction and Switching of the official Steem for Better Life community account

Image 2022-01-15 at 00.57.58.jpeg

@steembetterlife tetap akan memberikan kurasi kepada semua delegator dengan persentase di sesuaikan dengan jumlah Steem Power (SP) yang di delegasikan ke akun @steembetterlife, semakin besar Steem power (SP) yang di delegasikan semakin besar pula persentase kurasi yang di berikan sebagai penghargaan karena telah mendukung komunitas Steem For Better Life.

Untuk meningkatkan aktif poster di komunitas Steem Better Life Mulai Tanggal 15 Januari 2022 kurator Komunitas Steem For Betterlife akan memberikan kurasi pada semua postingan yang memiliki label Member dan Delegator yang ada di laman Komunitas Steem betterlife.

Kepada Delegator yang tidak memiliki Postingan Aktif di komunitas Steem For Betterlife masih tetap mendapat kurasi dari Akun @steembetterlife dengan persentase suara lebih kecil di bangdingkan dengan kurasi postingan aktif di komunitas For Betterlife

Kami mengharapkan kerjasama semua pihak agar dapat membangun komunitas Steem For better life di masa yang akan datang. Demikian penggumuman ini kami sampaikan agar anda dapat memakluminya, terimakasih.

Cc: @steemcurator01 @pennsif @el-nailul @irawandedy @miftahuddin @klen.civil @sofian88 @mariana4ve @liasteem

Best regards


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Bg na neu daftar program kurator yang ji peu ek le steemitblog barosa?

mungkin lon hanjeut krn team sc03

CR jeut chit ipeugah bg

lon ka dalam team steemcurator03

Bg heriady bisa minta mor wa.saya gak ngerti tentang steemit mau belajar..

Thank you for the update.


Wow..this is great sir. Thanks for the info.🙏

You're welcome bro

Thank you for the update sir

Halo pak @heriadi yang terhormat. Saya pendatang baru @zawilsteem hendak memberitahukan bahwa achievement1 sudah saya selesaikan, mohon klarifikasinya pak.

Atas perhatiannya saya ucapkan terima kasih

Terimakasih ya pak @heriadi atas kunjungan dan dukungannya terhadap postingan saya.🙏🙏🙏

Semoga bapak senantiasa dalam keberkahan dan kebahagiaan aamiin.

Brother why my introduction post not verified yet?

would your please guide me?

Greetings @heriedi. Please this is @oppongk.

I want you to be in our Team for "Lifestyle"

We have :


We are looking for other strong members to for Community Curator team

Let me know if you are interested.

Hi @oppongk
Thank you for contacting me. I haven't joined any team yet.
In accordance with the community that I Founded is the world of charity with world smile project. I will join the team that chooses the theme of life &humanity.

Discord : heriadi#1116

Hello Mr @heriadi sir, please I just made my first delegation to this noble community. So kindly confirm it for me.

Thank you!

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Hello sir @heriadi please message me on discord @monz#7477

Nationality : Pakistani
Languages : Fluent in English and Urdu and can manage other languages with translator
Club status : Club75
Discord : allahnawaz03#7360
Interests : life and humanity, creative writing, gardening

Contact me to discuss a team (: