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Hello friends it's my pleasure to write in our community today, I trust everyone is great! today I would like to address a very important question that is normally asked by newbies and even some old users and the question is how can a user get the attention of Steemcurator01.


Well in some WhatsApp group I belong to, so many user used to complain that they are making high-quality/original contents yet they don't get big support, yes that they're seem to be invisible, no support from Sc01 infact some believe that those who gets constant support from SC01 knew the person who's in charge of the account personally. Haha 😂

It's true that some users get more support from SC01 than others likewise some communities but then if you visit their wall(account) you will realize that they truly deserved to be supported because they've contributed Steem growth and not only these numerous audience used to benefit from their contents so their hard work can't be overlook.


You may observed that countries representatives, communities Admins/ some MODs, Developers and Contributors are mostly the ones who received more support. We can't debunk the fact that they truly deserved the support, because it is not easy to manage the kind of workload they normally carry out.

I personally know what it means to give members guidelines on how create quality posts, checking plagiarism and spam, bot using, club status, and the use of correct tags etc. Admin and Moderators used to support members posts, nominating qualified and quality ones daily for booming support. This is not always an easy work, so you can see with me that they truly deserve to be supported.


This question arises when the club5050 was initiated by the Steemit team, so many users were complaining that they are being controlled by the way they want to used their asset, So comes the question if this great platform is truly decentralized, that if it is then it doesn't need an Authority to function properly.

Well come to think of it, earning in steemit is solely determined by what other users is doing with their Steem tokens, I'm saying this because we can only earn if other users vote on our posts, and the value they've added to our posts is solely determined by their Steem Power. I've seen a post that have 100 votes but the value remains at 0.10cent I also see the one with few votes but the value reaches $50. you see bigger reward is dependent on the curators Steempower, you see the important of club5050 can't be overemphasize!

Steemit is a decentralized platform no one have authority over your account, you can do whatever you want with it, vote whom you like, you're allow to do whatever you intended to do. Steemit team is here to ensure that the system functions well, to help everyone grow. We joined Steemit for free and Majority of us did not make any investment, like buying steem from exchange and power up to get influence, it's the Steemit team who supported us to grow.

Steemit team saw the need for everyone to involved in power up, as these will help everyone to have enough Steempower to be supporting ourselves instead of waiting for few accounts to always support us, after all this was the main purpose of this great platform. We will soon reap bountifully from this wonderful initiative. Okay back to the main topic:

  • SUPPORT STEEMGROWTH: oe of the ways we can support steem growth is by involving in regular powering up exercise. Make sure you support any of this clubs; Club5050, club75 or better still club100.
    To support #club5050 make sure you power up at least 50% of your monthly earnings, or put it this way if you transfer out 50steems token make sure sure you power up at least 50Steems or more.
    For #club75 if you transfer out 50steems token make sure you have have power up 3x of the 50 which is 150Steems. The account period for club75 is 2months.
    For #club100you have to consecutively powering up all your earnings for 3months without making any transfer before you can enter this club, and you have to continue powering up All your earnings thereafter to remain in the club.

  • another way to Support Steem growth is by supporting the new initiative of burning at least 25% of our earnings by setting 25% to @null. This regular burn will help the price of steem to be high in the market. You can do this by at least setting the percentage in 2 of your post weekly. Take a look at SC01 Response to this initiative 👇


  • ALWAYS MAKE QUALITY POSTS: before you start typing a post, stop and think about who your audience will be, how they will benefit from the post, what information do you want to pass? And what particular problem will the post solve? Etc. Post that are appealing to the audience, which attracts attention of many likely stand a chance of attracting Steemcurator01 or SC02, Yes the account will likely vote this kind of posts. *** Always make an educative and informative posts.***

  • Engagement: the important of us supporting other users through voting and comment meaningfully on their posts can't be overstated, check out why here👇



This was a criteria SC01 gave, so now see the important of engagement because through it you will be able to build your audience because those people you normally voted and commented on their post will likely reciprocate. Another important thing is that through engagement you will get visibility. SC01 said that he likely vote for users who made first 2 meaningful comment on a post he visited



  • DON'T MISUSE TAGS: it's always annoying when someone used for example #Club5050 but when you check his or her status she's not powering up at all. Some even used #clubdolphine on a post that is not dolphin 🐬 announcement. Check out what 01 said on this regard.


Another one is the new #burnsteem25 people uses this tag to get attention, without setting 25% to @null have encountered many of these while working in Communities I'm moderating on and it's so annoying! So always use proper tags, yes don not tags spamming because it's wrong you will not get any reward for doing it, instead you will pissed of curators.

  • BE CONSISTENT: have you done all these yet no votes? Then never give up! be consistent continue to do the right thing most of the Users who received constant reward now was not always this way, some posted consistently for 3 months, some for 6 months or even more without getting reasonable support, without being noticed but they continued and today SC01 is looking out on their posts to support.

I have a case study of few of such users @disconnect and @ngoenyi when they've joined Steemit newly they didn't get support but they were consistent, and today their consistency is pay off, so yours will not be different. Let's consistency be our Watchword, yes Forward Ever Backward Never!


So Friends hear the conclusion of the matter from the horses mouth 👇


Steemit team have everyone interest at heart, they want all of us to grow that's why they used to give all these guidelines. So Friends let's stick to their rules it's for our own good. Join the new Engagement challenge contest, season 2 will begin soon it's a way of getting support from SC01 and SC02. Always visit the steemit blog to read the latest announcement, it will guide you to do the needful. Lastly be a happy blogger give more and expect less in return, don't distract SC01 and SC02 with unnecessary mentions. Thanks for reading through!




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NoteYou have shared important points that other users can use as references in making quality posts, this kind of education is important to share so that other friends can grow together on the platform. Thanks for this, good luck.

Thank you so much my friend @sofian88 I really appreciate your kind remarks 💕

Please there are some typos on this post I edited it but when I tried to update it this is the response I got 👇


Please I don't know what to do. Help


Hi, maybe they are currently working on improvements for the platform. Does the problem still persist?

Thank you so much for your quick response, yes the problem is still persisting I guess right your suggestion.

Would be interesting to know, if it also happens when editing other posts. In case the issue is not solved until tomorrow, I will contact the Steemit team ;)

I really appreciate your concern @steemchiller what can I even say than thank you. I just realized that the issue only happens when editing this particular post. Because I've successfully edited and updated one of my post few minutes ago without any issue.

You have said it all dear. We need to do our best and not be found wanting in all the points raised by SC01. Thanks for this

Thank you so much for your kind reply, I personally learned a lot from you.

Thank you dear for the guidelines, we believe if we apply all the rules, vote Will be smiling at us

Sure ma'am, thanks for reading through, I'm glad you liked it!

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