My Journey: Triple dolphin +

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Triple Dolphin.jpg
Original design using Paint 3D

Dreaming about having large steem power cannot be reached in short unless you have enough money to buy, but for me, instead of buying steem power, I used most of my earnings to support the humanitarian project for almost a year including support operational cost of steem amal and establishing The World Smile Project at the first stage.

But today is the day I would like to celebrate with a cup of coffee while waiting for my shift at work, It is a bit exhausting time with work. I have two part-time jobs at the moment and organizing CSR projects in 5 districts with a total of 122 programs that should be finalized by the end of April.

Screenshot_1Power Up.png

Finally, I am in the club of triple dolphin now with 16,033.060 STEEM POWER and I plan to reach the 4th dolphine by end of April, I am sure with the consistency and proper planning I can get it. Today I am at the triple dolphin club by powering up all my earning. Previously I try to get benefit by trading my earning a bit in the steem local market, but it will take long time to get benefited my power. Following my personal plan, as I expected, I got into the club by the end of February.

Strengthen my account is something I have planned since the beginning of my journey on the platform, and again I will keep my consistency in powering up my account to reach 20 K SP by the end of April. I believe that I can be there with serious effort, by using all my earning to power up while managing to support charity that I have established.

I saw the community grow rate and it have come to the urgent stage to be self-sufficient and able to support its member by the power core team members. If 10 of the core team has 20 K sp each it will be easy for the community members to get supported. I encourage my core team to set the goal to reach the maximum SP while the support from the steemit team still available at the moment.

let go there, we can do it guys!!

With My Best Regards


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Happy Triple Dolphin Day !

Enjoy this special #clubdolphin vote...

#club75 😀 🐬 🐬 🐬

Thank you very much for your appreciation

Big congratulations to you.🥳

Hope to experience this feeling of being a dolphin soon; I can't wait to start swimming.

Hi, you will be a kind whale sure.

I hope I could get there soon

Congratulations 🎉 🎊 🎈

Thank you very much bro

Congratulations 🐬 🐬 🐬

Thank you bro

Selamat kanda El atas capaian besar anda.. Sukses selalu..

Teriamkasih banyak pak @ridwant

Sama sama bang.

Selamat pak atas tercapai semua itu semoga sukses bapak untuk dapat membantu dan berkah.go dolphin lagi 😀🐬

Selamat brother, semoga saya. Juga bisa menyusul...

InsyaAllah bisa

Congratulations on the achievement of the triple dolphins 🐬🐬🐬

Thank you mas bro

Two thumb up 😊 😁

two is not enough sis, would like to have 4 wkwkwkw

😅🤣🤣. Ok its up to you.. as much as you want


Thank you

Selamat bnag @el-nailul... Pencapaian yg luar biasa

Terimakasih banyak bang @abialfatih

Wow...that was a big power ups sir.. congratulations for reaching triple dolphin sir counting for more😊😊

Thank you @bien, how is your house renovation??

Still not started due to no water supply until now.🥺 We just buy water for our daily use sir.

Wow, Congratulations...this is a good start for the year.🤗

Thank you bro, how is the program preparation ??

Moving very smoothly, a good number of my team and country people are making post and setting much beneficiary to the @smilenigeria account in other to speed up the fund there.

Thats a good way to start and we are on that move.

Hood day sir.😊