Steem Investing & Power-Up News | 906,923,688 STEEM Power-Up during 8-14 Febuary 2022

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Tonight I again convey information about the growth of STEEM, be it Investment, Power Up, or the Steem Platform that can support the growth of the STEEM Ecosystem now and in the future, through this post I convey the current number of Power ups, from February 8 to February 17, 2022. As for the number of users who have powered up from February 8 to 17 is 906,923,688 STEEM.

Announcement This information will be updated once a week. Steem Investment and Power-up will present the latest issues about STEEM and this announcement is expected to be used as an important indicator for steemit platform users to continue to be able to maintain steem stability through the investment climate and of course this can be realized through activities carried out by every users through STEEM Promo and do Power Up regularly.

Below is a diagram of the development of Total Power from 8 to 17 February 2022.


From the diagram above, it is clear that users are doing Power. For more details, on February 8, users have powered up 173,136,520, on February 9 65,801,094, February 10 98,091,184, February 11 284,786.834, February 12 212,419.75, February 13 34,948,265, and on 14 february users have done power as much as 37,740,041


The peak of the number of users doing power ups this week occurred on February 11 with 284,786.834 Steem and the lowest number was on February 13 with 34,948,265 Steem.

The total number of power ups that have been done by users in this month from the first week (1-7) to the second week (8-14) is 1,789,081,427 Steem.


Below are the 10 usernames who have done the highest Power up this week in February 2022 starting from February 8 to 14, 2022. For this week's top position is @reflektor with a total of 310,193,304 STEEM, the second position is occupied by the user account @jgwonkim with a total of 117,643,197steem and the third is the @htooms account with a total of 59.550,000 steem.

2022-02-12, 12:32@reflektor@reflektor102,192.996STEEM
2022-02-12, 02:25@htooms@htooms59,550.000STEEM
2022-02-11, 18:13@reflektor@reflektor208,000.308STEEM
2022-02-11, 09:47@kakakk@kakakk31,040.507STEEM
2022-02-10, 18:59@gjtmdwls12@gjtmdwls1249,530.000STEEM
2022-02-10, 08:19@rladmswjd987@rladmswjd98710,207.477STEEM
2022-02-09, 20:56@happypray@happypray9,999.990STEEM
2022-02-09, 04:48@nexgen@nexgen9,949.000STEEM
2022-02-08, 15:47@jgwonkim@jgwonkim38,005.616STEEM
2022-02-08, 11:27@jgwonkim@jgwonkim79,637.581STEEM



Referring to, the current price of Steem is 0.00000776/ BTC, from the graph shows that the potential for an increase in the price of Steem is still there and this will continue to strengthen if the demand for Steem on the Exchange continues to increase. Well, let's continue to maintain the Steem ecosystem through purchasing Steem on the exchange so that with increasing demand in the market, Steem will have a higher selling value.

I took the market price on 15-02-2022;20:49 wib


From the graph, besides showing that the Steem value trend continues to strengthen against BTC, this is an important indicator to make this an investment moment and it is hoped that the price will increase at the end of this year.


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