My Verification Post for Better Life || 50% to @worldsmile

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Hello Steemians, I hope your day is going beautifully. This is my first post for this community, this is my introduction post.



My name is Ogba Blessing Ngozi. I go with the username @beewrites on this platform. I'm from the Eastern Part of Nigeria, Abia State precisely.

I joined steemit on March 2021 and I must say it has been the best decision in 2021. I'm half way to becoming a dolphin, I hope to reach dolphin before the first half of the year. So far I have 3000SP

I'll give my support to the @steembetterlife Community. I delegated 50SP to the community

Here is my introduction post

Please Verify me

Special Regards

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Welcome to this community sista...
I wish you soon get your target be a dolphin...
We will waiting for your next post.. 👍😇🤗😘😉

Thank you @liasteem


Please, verify my introduction post.
I have not been tagged a member yet and club5050