We are increasing number of recruits on blog but in other sense we losing

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Hey greetings to every one and hope you all are doing well .Today i am talking about "steemit blog" and future we know that day by day we are increasing number recruits on the steemit good and infact very good but another we are losing recruits your thinking how you say that we are lossing users in actual we are losing users in that sense that from very early i am researching that the active users increasing in those communities whose are not in support of @steemitblog monthly support and those who are in support of bidvte those community are grooming day by day why the gives high support and steemitblog give less support .As before one half month booming upvote was about 30% and more and in today upvote this upvote minimize and to only 15% why ? It is out of mine dictionary .And one thing more in this upvote according per community rules one who get more payout set they will get booming support .As the problem is that the users never work under this support and they are leaving and and choice those community who are under support of bidvotes.The one thing that @steemcurator01 are those users whose reputation are no problem they deserve this but one whose are 60 down reputation what will they do with only contests ? no way ! I personaly posting in those community who are in support of steemit of #steemitblog and i will do whatever in my hand to promote blog to promote communities but as per my over view its not good intention .My objective is for hope not for hopelessness

As for my opinion what is the solution

If somebody get my opinion as i am one member of steemitnblog then my answer should be :

  • Increase booming upvote
  • minimum payout set for official account of community
  • Maximum support to community official account from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 to impower communities
  • Also give support to users who have below 65 rupution no way the upvote are less
  • Support to high reputation maintain in same

Its not that one is satisfied with my opinion every persnality have its own opinions I a taking overview of @papi.mati sir he is a great blogger i want to take reviews and opinion.And ones who reading this article must share his opinion

Thank you

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In fact, generally it's better than last month. I'm in the middle of writing the Steemit Oscars for the communities and it seems that 30 communities increased the number of active writers in the last two weeks.

Booming may be worth less but it's as easy to get as never before - there is more booming votes, less members, so with the quality post it's nearly guaranteed to get it (at least in the communities that look at the quality of posts while selecting some for the support). Come to write on Steem Travelers sometimes - upvotes are never guaranteed but quality is always rewarded there.

About bid bots, remember that soon our downvote trail may be launched and at least those bid bitters who share copy-paste content will loose their income.

People were leaving platform for the last 2 months. Now, finally, we can see that in the two weeks number of active users slightly increased. We have more writers, more Newcomers, we are managing surprisingly good the recent whales power downs (I expected the Steem value to drop to 15 cents) and distribution of the upvotes is, in my opinion, more equal.

About your summary, I do have two things that I disagree with:

  • SC upvotes people with the reputation below 65, believe me. They do it quite often in Steem Travelers. More important is quality, power ups, history of delegations and power downs.
  • increasing booming value would mean decreasing number of boomings. I belive current situation is much better.

As for your all i agree with you but you never mentioned that why it is obligation for to configure huge payout to community 50% as for small payout 10% ,15% 20% more than 20 its something....you know well ....
You know that communities official accounts ,admin ,modretors are with high power high reputation and in support of sc01 ..
configure more and bound to members its somethings not fair ....
As for social projects its good job no problem ,but bound of members as for my point of view if one who configure with own choice rather for bound i don'nt say so....

admins and mods may get extra upvotes from SC in some cases, but please remember that having or moderating the community is not so easy as well. The attention of the SC team does not depend on the reputation of the user. Many Steemians with lower reputation are upvoted by the team.

160 active users, the team of 4 and I still work 4 hours daily just on the community, by checking clubs, plagiarism, contest entries, etc. That's often invisible work, but a very hard one.

Making as the rule obligatory delegation to the community of 10, 20 or 50% is not something characteristic for every community (is it obligatory in Steem for Better life?). You will easily find the communities where you may not do it. With that being said, you have to understand that every community wants to build their SP to be able to reward authors more effectively. Besides that, admins do have the freedom to make any rules.

Sure, I agree with you that charity donations should not be forced, but hey - there are 77 communities on the platform, there is freedom of choice. Some people are fine with delegating more, some people are not. No need to go to McDonald's and complain that there is nothing vegetarian on the menu :)