Betterlife- The diary Game - Club75- 17 January 2022

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Hello everyone hope you all are fine and safe. Today i am going to write my first diary in this community hope you will enjoy it. Today it was 17th of January 2022 a day with a cloudy wheather and cold here. I wake up when my father calls me at 7 am. I went to washroom where i found a cold water so i went to kitchen where i warm some water for my self. I then wash my face and took brush on my teeths. After that i done some religious activities which i am doing on dilay basis.

Tea which i drink early in the morning

After that i open my books and start reading some concepts of industrial engineering subject. Today i read about break even analysis. Then i went to market where i buy milk and biscuits. I prepare tea for myself and drink it. At 11:00 my online class of industrial engineering starts and i spend more than one hour on it. I then make some notes of this lecture.

Today's online class of industrial engineering

At 12:30 i went to shopian for checking my teeth as i feels pain from last few days. But i was not allowed in hospital because they tell me to show coronavirus test first.i came back to my home. I then open my phone and start playing clash of clans. I play for some time. Then i went to market for buying some things for my sister.

playing Clash of clans

At evening i with my father went to srinagar for checking the health of my little cousin who fell from one store building. We came back at late night. I open my phone and spend some time on news regarding coronavirus as virus has returned in my area from last few days. I finally start writing my diary post.


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I have joined steemit four years ago at that time i think there was non achievements

This is my introduction post

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What you're saying is very true, there used to be no such task, We will consider this. but I joined in 2017 also followed the achievement task in March 2021.

Sir that means i have to do achievements first for becoming member of this community .

For the old stemian we do not oblige, because I am sure you already understand about steemit, but you should join the community of newcomers so that you are verified by your country greeter

Ok sir i will done some achievements too