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today is sunday I woke up in the morning and went to the toilet. I watered the plants to tend to the flowers in my garden after coming from the toilet. Before watering I captured the beauty of my garden on camera. But in the morning the flowers looked amazing. Then I came home from the garden and washed my hands and face and cleaned myself well. Then I took breakfast and shared it with everyone at the table. After breakfast, I spent time on Facebook in the morning.


In the afternoon I took a bath at home and had dinner with all the family and rested a little. After that I woke up, washed my hands and face and spent the afternoon hanging out with my friends on the railway bridge.


I went to the market after sunset in the afternoon. After coming to the market and shopping for home, spent some time in the market, had a sip of tea and left for home.


I came home, washed my hands and face, came home and watched YouTube videos. I watched a drama on YouTube and fell asleep after dinner.


Thanks all,

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Hello @ajeemon, thank you for sharing your activities with us here .

However, this is NOT a quality Content and as such Steem For Betterlife doesn't welcome this.

You should make your post reach atleast 300 words and above, apply mark down, keep white spaces on your posts for easy reading.

Thank you.