What is the search engine of your choice and why?

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Except for a minority of us who suffer from online inertia, the rest to us are constantly in search of alternative ways of doing things online for better experience. We look for better emails, browsers, VPNs, password managers and so on.

And so it is with search engines.

Many search engines have come and gone except for Google. However Google's hegemony is being threatened with newer alternatives that offer far better search experience. We have privacy focused search engines such as DuckDuckGo and Mojeek. And lately we were introduced to decentralized search engines, many of which sadly did not see the light of the day. See Distributed Search Engines

What if you are paid for your searches as part of the better search experience? Yes, that is right you can now choose to have your privacy and get paid at the same time. One such search engine is Presearch, which has gained much traction since its introduction.

But some human beings are nuanced characters than others. That is to say some of us are hardcoded to look for something more nuanced than just privacy and getting paid. We take pride in being very different from the rest of the flock.

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What is your preferred choice of search engine and why?

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We do have few alternatives to choose from . Google has dominated as the ALPHA search engine despite its little shortcomings , especially in it being Public , without privacy . But who actually cares of his activities are altruistic ,legal and socially accepted ??

Sometimes I regard the crave to be anonymous as indicative of something sinister or socially reprobate!

Thus , Google has not been found wanting whatsoever!!

I have been using Presearch for more than a year now. Very useful as it provides a single interface to search from multiple search providers of my choice.

I have also chalked up almost 2,000 PRE tokens in the process.

Quite interesting . But how "good " is the reliability of the presearch search engine??

I can now determine my search specific to a search provider or group of them. That means I am now free of Google's algorithm, which determines what I see in my search.
Now, I determine what I see in my search. I can search specifically in Steemit, Coinmarketcap, Forbes or any other search providers and be specific in my search, which I could never do in Google.

Yes! That's a good advantage over Google!

Thanks for your concern to avail me what I couldn't identify!