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My best friend does ( did ) what no man/ woman can ever do for me.

He died to enable me live !

He elected to take upon himself all my disabilities and sicknesses!

He has empowered me to become like him ; capable of life without end !

Who is he ??

He is my only best Friend !!

Hi @whyaskwhy,

Thanks for the interesting response.

Here are two extremely interesting videos on Christianity that uncover the issues in Christianity in a rational manner. There are many more such videos and articles but these two would suffice for the moment.

Confessions of an Ex-Christian: Esther Dhanraj

As an ex-Christian, I found Christianity to be absurd & irrational

Thanks all the same for striving to teach me what I never asked from you !!

I never asked you to teach me about my "Best friend".

You only asked about my Best friend,which I gave.

It is very funny that you want me to believe an account from an enemy ( Ex) of a man🤣🤣

Will your enemy(Ex friend) ever give a good account about you ??
Will you believe my account if I avail you much more videos where others testify POSITIVELY about Jesus Christ ??🤣🤣
Affirm , and I will send a delluge ; all from astute world class scientists like @BenCarson.

Their account is much more "RATIONAL" scientifically, logically and philosophically.

Consider this : It sounds very "RATIONAL" for a kindergarten to controvert QUANTUM PHYSICS, because he/she lacks the necessary higher knowledge to appreciate it .

We should NEVER belittle what we haven't apply ourselves to learn in haste !

Have a good day , my friend !!

What a joke, Your response and the speed at which you responded shows you have jumped into conclusions before listening to the videos in full. There was hardly anything negative about Jesus in those videos. Such a prejudiced and constipated mind!

Prejudiced and Constipated mind?? 🤣🤣
How can that be ??

If the narrator is an EX-Christian , what made him/ her to abandon Jesus Christ if nothing evil or fallacious is noted by him/ her about Jesus and Christianity??

It should be noted that there can't be Christianity without Jesus , the Christ !!

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Invite accepted ???