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Hello everyone and welcome to another day on my blog, writing on my blog has become some sort of a therapeutic exercise for me as it allows me to enhance my skills.

Today on my blog I would be talking about how we can promote steem in our everyday life, for as long as we can remember steem promotion has always been a very good initiative which helps to sustain the block chain so in this post below we would be discussing this with in depth analysis.


Steem promotion



This is the process whereby we as users of steemit engage in any activity which would lead to the creation of awareness of the steemit blog chain to those who are in informed.

By the very nature of steemit we are made to understand that the blockchain troves based on the number of active user who are contributing meaningful and consistently towards to the achievement of a common goal which is the promotion of knowledge through proof of brain.

Though as it stands they are well over a million accounts on steemit this does not by any way mean that there isn't room for new members as some of this accounts are domant due to the improper promotion done by many users.

Promoting steemit the right way



Over time we have come to realise that promoting steemit offers author the unique privilege of receiving some votes from curators as this is an exercise in which they are in full support of, hence author go about sourcing for new users to the block chain without giving these users proper guidance on how the blockchain works.

The results is often very clear we have thousands ofs Account who are doing Thier achievement one have become in active due to the fact that they weren't properly informed on the inner working in steemit, more even troublesome we also see even more accounts being created each day and this accounts Hadly ever make even an achievement one post to start with.

In such case it then becomes questionable the owners of this accounts as this accounts haven't gone through achievement 1 which enables us to identify if this is a new user or a returning user. It becomes safe to say that this account can be the result of Individuals who are seeking for favour and rather than going out to promote steem would stay a home and create thousands of account so as to receive whatever reward they can.


What steem Promotion entails

They are various key ingredient for any good steem promotion to be successful and they include




Information is key for anything we do in life and in steem promotion it is no different, inorder to properly promote steem in such a way that it would be beneficial to both the new user and the steem blockchain we must give out essential and efficient Information to those we intend to register, this is essential so the know what they are getting into before hand.

You must explain to them in details how the steem platform works and how they should be able to manuver their way around so as they can receive favors as you do.




No matter how much Information is being given those who are referred to steeming newly would always need someone who would out th through when they have difficult.

By standing as a sort of mentor to those who we refer steem to we stand a good chance of brining in solid steemians rather than this who would just leave after doing Achievement 1.

I would like to give a special thanks to my long standing friend @swaylee who took his time to mentor me when I was new in steemit. He didn't just give me the right information he acted as a shoulder I could lean on whenever I had issues and he did this till I was able to under the ropes of steemit

Achievement post



One of the best way to properly enroll a steemians in to the world of steemit us guiding them to complete Thier achivement 1-4 as this task contain the fundamental building block of what makes a good steemain, this task would teach the new users various key components of steemit such as the use of mark downs , how they can use steemworld and most importantly keys.

It is only when an individual has properly understood the use of Markdowns can he be able to make quality post on steemit as often time the beauty of a work is in the use of markdons.

Note : Supplying any new steemians with the following we would be able to see such an individual grow significantly on the platform but when any of the process is omitted it becomes difficult to new members to properly understand the inner workings of the system.


Ways of promoting steemit

In promoting steem they are two main ways we could choose to do so.




The world is going virtual and we need to be able to adapt so as not to be left behind.

The virtual fork of steem promotion entails we using what ever tools are at our disposal to create awareness for steem online.

This tools could be through :

  1. Twitter share links
  2. Promotional gifts
  3. Steem meme
  4. Steem banners
  5. Sharing steem logo
  6. Videos and so many others

Some author whom usually enagge in virtual form of steem promotion are @shohana1 @kiwiscanfly and @stephenkendal


align-fingers-71282_1280 (1).jpg


This is one sure way of promoting steem as in requires physical interaction between those we want to refer to steem, through this physical interaction we are able to ascertain Thier counternance and understanding if this Individuals are likely to take steemit seriously.

Physical advertising could be done through

  1. Use of banners
  2. Word of the mouth
  3. Use of steem logos and sow many others.

Some author whom usually enagge in physical form of steem promotion are @ngoenyi @ijelady




I would like to thank you all for visiting my blog hopefully from this article we can learn a thing or two about steem promotion and how we can do it efficiently so as to create long lasting members of steemit.

Also we should make use of the method of promoting steem that best fits our skills sets that is between Virtual and physical they are both very good methods of promoting steem.

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Steem Promotion is what all steemiains should take serious, this is because we all came in to steemit through Promotion

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