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Steem-Database community exists as a solution to provide an opportunity for developers and investors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world to enter the steemit platform and promote their projects through blogs. Steem-Database community also provides opportunities for steemit users to carry out promosteem activities, learn and review Blockchain and Cryptocurrency-based projects.

Steem-Database community has grown and is ready to help in supporting post curation, that's why every day we will see, rate and select the best community content to be included in the daily top posts. Steem-Database community will provide post curation to those who post about steem promotion activities, marketing, reviewing Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects and completing certain tasks.

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Here's the best quality post for today :

Picsart_22-06-30_13-47-46-908.jpgSmall Contest #1 from the User Activity Rating Club by @ngoenyiDear @alexmove.witness, it is my pleasure to take part in this contest you have organized. Rating users activities shows our interest in them and can even help us to commend, encourage and suggest possible ways for improvements. That is what friendship is all about and steemit being a Blockchain based social media platform, gives me such opportunity to do so. by : @ngoenyi#Club5050
Yellow Deep Blue Modern Geometric Real Estate Youtube Thumbnail.pngSteem Growth 7th Edition Radio Show Program with Bangladeshi Active Steemit User Show Host by @msharif and Co-Host by @ripon0630Finally the 7th edition radio show was successfully held yesterday. The radio show was hosted by @msharif and I was the co-host.some of the most active users in Bangladesh were participate in the show. Everyone was informed during the radio show on the Discord Channel. Finally yesterday we held our radio show successfully. by : @ripon0630#Club100

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Thanks a lot dear community for selecting my post for for quality post. I appreciate

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.