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Steemit Oscars
Communities of January

The Steemit Oscars are coming!

Chinese and Korean communities, Steemit Crypto Academy, Newcomers Community, and communities with less than 50 active users were excluded from the competition. I also excluded communities that are based exclusively on the bid bot income. As an effect, I have checked manually 50 communities + used the steemitworld to calculate the SP of their accounts.

Previous edition (December)


Most active users

The rules are simple: communities with the most active users win in this category. I also marked if the number of active users grows or shrinks compared to the number of active users 30 days ago.

PlaceCommunityActive users (12.01)🔼/🔻
1 World of Xpilar 507🔻
2 Steem Venezuela458🔻
3 Account Booster434🔻
4 Comunidad Latina 414🔻
5 Recreative Steem 275🔼
6 Colombia original 230🔼
7 Writing & Reviews 225🔼
8 Steem SEA224🔻
9 Steem-BRU 223🔼
10 Steem For Better life 218🔻


Fastest Grow

I compared the number of active users from the first day of the month to the number of users today in 50 communities. 30 communities on Steemit increased the number of active users in the last two weeks. In the case of a tie, the percentage of active members was taken into consideration.

PlaceCommunityNew users (12.01)
1 Colombia original +49
2 Recreative Steem +47
3 Steem-BRU +46
4 Steem Kids +39
5 Steem-Travelers +34
6 Steem Family +34
7 Steem Venezuela+34
8 Draft Crearte +31
9 Urdu Community +31
10 Stars of Steem +30


Biggest Earnings

I divided the total of pending rewards by the number of active users to get the average expected weekly earnings in different communities.

1 Italy $ 9.85
2 Steem-Travelers $ 8.80
3 Steem-BRU $ 8.67
4 World of Xpilar $ 7.22
5Beauty of Creativity $ 6.47
6 Steem Foods $ 6.31
7 Steem for better life$ 6.19
8 Steemit Philippines $ 5.67
9 Steem Japan $ 5.51
10 Steem Skillshare $ 5.26


Keep them active!

This is the percentage of active users in the total number of users in the community

1 Recreative Steem 11.64%
2 Steem Travelers 11.41%
3 Colombia-Original 10.96%
4 Steemit-Garden 10.07%
5 Steem Baseball 9.50%
6 Steem Fun & Games 8.15%
7 Steemit Azerbaijan☪✔ 7.71%
8 Steemit-Türkiye ☪ 7.60%
9 Steemit Philippines 6.48%
10 Scouts 6.41%


Total Community SP

I reviewed steemworld curation accounts of each community and selected those that are with the biggest SP. In that category, we reward communities with the biggest total SP (own + delegated) - all communities that power down more than 10% SP are excluded from the list.

PlaceCommunityTotal SP
1 Steem Sri-Lanka 307 424 SP
2 Steem Foods 261 323 SP
3 Steem-BRU 174 308 SP
4 Comunidad Latina 154 608 SP
5 Project HOPE 123 886 SP
6 Steem SEA114 590 SP
7 Steem Venezuela111 741 SP
8 Steemit Pakistan 108 473 SP
9 Steem Infinity Zone 75 015 SP
10 Colombia-Original 66 721 SP


Non-delegated Community SP

Here only the own SP of the community curation accounts is listed. All delegations were excluded from the result score.

PlaceCommunityTotal SP
1 Steem Foods 106 630 SP
2 Steemit Pakistan 37 307 SP
3 Steem Alive 32 481 SP
4 Comunidad Latina 32 412 SP
5 Steem Women Club31 114 SP
6 Steem Sri-Lanka 29 241 SP
7 Steem-BRU 29 112 SP
8 Steem Infinity Zone 25 952 SP
9 Promo-Steem 25 258 SP
10 Colombia-Original 23 861 SP

That’s all categories community-related. In a week since now, the Oscars for users will be published.

Vote for the "Golden User"

I would like to remind you that the last category in the next month is „Golden User” when all of you have the opportunity to select the most useful Steemian by voting in the comments section for up to three candidates. Until now we received 68 votes. If you didn’t vote yet, do it – only seven days left to Grand Finale.

Vote for the Golden User of January


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Nice to share @papi.mati . Keep sharing. I wish you success.


Steem-BRU лучший! Спасибо за проделанную работу!

Безусловно, Steem-BRU — одно из лучших сообществ на Steemit. Не только с точки зрения результатов, включенных в эту статистику, но и качества публикации. (google translate - hopefully correct)

Definitely, Steem-BRU is one of the best communities on Steemit. Not only because of the results included in those statistics but also because of the quality of the publications.

So nice post thanks

Informative recap, sir, you have provided us with the latest and most useful information. Continue to do similar publications every month, we will wait for a recap report from you.

Exciting post, you did well with your research and this would be a fun activity for the communities to engage in the voting, resteemed to reach as many as possible

Good presentation Bro. Thanks for this compilation.