We are ready for the event tomorrow! - Steem & Business Activity will be in the city of Lechería. #club5050

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These last few days I have been busy with the preparations for the meetup for entrepreneurs. I have been working with the designs of flyers, speakers, labels, banners and also buying snacks for all our guests.

Steem Promotion is active

As I said earlier I designed and printed promotional tools for tomorrow's meeting. For those interested in downloading the labels and talkers for their future meetings, I left the download link, they are free to use made with love for the promotion of Steem.




Approximately 40 flyers were printed and half were distributed days before in the previous meetups and the other half will be delivered hours before the start of the meeting on the outskirts of the venue.



This Banner measures 1.30x0.40m and will be placed to welcome entrepreneurs. The banner has all the contact information and also a QR that leads to a WhatsApp group to guide the new members.


Labels and Speakers

I printed two sheets of labels to give to the guests, they will also serve to stick on some objects. Talkers are popular at parties and gatherings, they are great for great photos.

Habladores 01
Habladores 02




T-shirt Printing

Two moderators from the Business Activity community (@cindycam and @gensequini) will be present at this meeting, so I gave each one a t-shirt with the logo and the user. The t-shirt is in black cotton and the logo is made of white vinyl textile.







These mugs will be one of the prizes that our guests can win.



ProductQuantityPrice ($USD)Total ($USD)
Flyers3 sheets$ 1.00$ 3.00
Labels2 sheets$ 1.00$ 2.00
Speakers2 sheets$ 1.00$ 2.00
Mugs3$ 2.00$ 6.00
Banner 1.30x0.401$ 12.00$ 12.00
Shirt Printing3$ 22.00$ 66.00
Total spent = $91.00 ≈ 154 STEEM

These expenses have come out of my pocket to fulfill the #club5050.

Soon I will be sharing what was offered as a snack at the event and the expenses that were obtained.

Do you want to know more about this Meetup? Visit this post

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Good Luck !

Thanks bro

We are delighted with the promotional work, we continue working to obtain excellent results for our blockchain and communities

Hello, all the promotional material is great and we know that it will be a success in the next meeting.

Good... Keep it up 👍

wow..!! cool, only great people can do all of this, various efforts will be made to make all dreams come true. I salute my friends who have participated so that the event is carried out in such a way.

all preparations were done carefully both in terms of place prizes and snacks i like the t-shirt and the cup looks really cool with the logo ready good luck, dear, good luck

Excellent promotional strategies. The material is very well made and beautiful. It will undoubtedly be a success.