PromoSteem Venezuela - Weekly Report & Top Posts [06/27/21 to 07/03/21]

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News in PromoSteem for Venezuela [06/27/21 to 07/03/21]

Power Up Report

This week the activity of Venezuelans in the PromoSteem community has increased, we have registered a total of 14 posts, and 7 users have Power Up this week well done.

Total Power Up (06/27/21 to 07/03/21) = 638.46 STEEM


  • Available Discord channel for Venezuela, please join us for the latest news.
  • 22 Venezuelans have joined the PromoSteem community in the last week. Thanks for joining.
  • I will additionally use the hashtag #promosteem-venezuela so that you can find my publications, I also invite all Venezuelans to use it.

TOP Posts - PromoSteem Venezuela

I have collected some outstanding posts from this week and I invite you to visit each one.

Came the day! We promote Steem in our Cafe and Barista Course! by @baristaacademy
PromoSteemContest 📣 Create a Steem promo video. by @sabrip by @sabrip
PromoSteemContest 📣 Create a Steem promo video. by @lrsm13

Growing my Steem Power 1,100.219 - POWER UP 174.493 steem - TURN ON by @cindycam

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Minimum Power up 100sp

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Member / PU level 3
Minimum Delegation 250sp to
Minimum Power up 2500sp

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Felicidades a los destacados en la promoción de steemit y steem.

Muchas gracias por valorar nuestro apoyo.. Saludos