Club100// Power Up 16.324sp // Regards By @mumar //

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Power Up 16.324sp

Hello everyone how are you all friends I hope you are all well and I am fine too.I've been working on this platform for a long time and I work so that I can do more and grow so I haven't got a single steem out of it to increase the value of my account.I am powering off today to increase my account value So I am power up to 16.324sp.


Step No 1

First, we will press the three icons on the right side.And click on sign in option.A new page will open.


Step No 2

And after that, a new page will be opened by setting a private posting on it, we will make it login in.


Step No 3

After that, a small icon will be clicked on a new page that will be opened.


Step No 4

A new page is opened on it power up and you have an option click on it.


Step No 5

A new page will open and there is an option to power up, click on it.


Step No 6

And then press OK on the new page that has appeared and it will be powered up.


Best Regards By


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Hello...!!! in the following I provide a guide to improve the quality of your posts. For posts about Power Up activities, please write at least 300 words.

Posts about Power Up you can add information about:

  • The amount of your STEEM POWER before Power Up
  • The amount of STEEM you Power Up
  • Education on how to invest/Power Up
  • Activity Number of Rewards received and Power Ups over time
  • Use of Steem Power activity ; like CSI vote & Delegation
  • The target you want to achieve within this month
  • Motivate other users to power up

Thank you very much,