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Hello .. !!
My dear Steemit friends,
I am @mdabdus-samad from Bangladesh
Today is Thursday, April 28/2022

Assalamu Alaikum. Steem-Database Community members. Hope everybody is well. One of my goals is to become a dolphin. And I am working towards that goal. And for that purpose, I will try to get some steem power up .


First of all, thanks to steem platfrom for supporting me. Earlier, my total steem power reached 1836.421 SP. I got 37 steem power up again today to meet my goal. If the power up is completed, my total steem power will be 1873.454 SP. And to achieve my goal, there is only 3126 steem left. And I will continue to work towards that goal. Let's get starte power up Process .

My total steem power before power up was 1836.421 SP.


Today I increased my steem power to 37 SP.


After successfully getting up, my total STEEM power is now 1873.454 SP.


My steem transfer power up record.


Some of my personal opinion about increasing steem power ..

I think increasing steem power means increasing your own ID capability. Increasing your steem power with this means pushing yourself towards success. So in my opinion everyone should increase steem power.

I am personally invited to view my post and Benefactor's reward: 15% of the Author reward will go to @steem-database Cc:- @patjewell @ponpase @oscarcc89


Take love

Md. Abdus Samad

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Keep powering up and you will get there!
Just some advice from my side.

  1. When you write your post make sure it is more than 300 words. Give reasons, inspire others etc.
  2. Use the #steemgrowth tag as one of your tags as we all want to learn how you grow in Steemit.

Good luck!

Hi @patjewell
thanks fore your advice

You are welcome 😊

Congratulations !!!

You got upvote from the Steem-Database community.


We are very open to receiving delegations from anyone who wants to support the community. if you are interested in becoming a delegator for Steem-Database you can give any delegation you like :

Alternative links delegates to @steem-database


Hello...!!! in the following I provide a guide to improve the quality of your posts. For posts about Power Up activities, please write at least 300 words.

Posts about Power Up you can add information about:

  • The amount of your STEEM POWER before Power Up
  • The amount of STEEM you Power Up
  • Education on how to invest/Power Up
  • Activity Number of Rewards received and Power Ups over time
  • Use of Steem Power activity ; like CSI vote & Delegation
  • The target you want to achieve within this month
  • Motivate other users to power up

Thank you very much,