A Successful steem branding on automobiles phase 2 ( promoting steem and steemit on wheels in Ghana)

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Branding products with the steem and steemit logos has been one of the major achievements done here on the steem blockchain in Ghana. Last week brought us a debut session of the steem brand on wheels. This attracted a lot of prominence and attention to the marketing of steem and steemit in Ghana. As indicated, the steem brand delivers a distinctive recognition and attention to the steem blockchain.

One of the most efficient techniques found to promote and market for the steem blockchain is by simply branding goods that would expose the blockchain to the broader public. The success of the prior steem branding done with Mr. Obed automobile has boosted the our branding efforts.

Today leads us to the second step of steem branding on wheels even as l take time to display on successful project. This logo draws influence from the previous work completed on the automotive brand. I hope that, this provides so many improvements to the subsequent brandings that will be done in the approaching days.


 Photo credits by @mcsamm


I would always salute the work of @nattybongo @collinz and @neilito who have played a big part in helping to make this a reality. Their continual support and fantastic ideas has contributed to the advancement of our project. After a fruitful chat with Mr. Mensah, it was decided to commence the steem installation on his Kia Rios automobile.

It was a nice news to discover how consumers accept to let their autos to obtain the steem brands. As said before, l am going to guarantee that everyone of these persons who have aided in attaining this wonderful aspirations with their autos get something worthwhile for the good gesture. On 22nd November 21, l met with Mr. Mensah as he left his vehicle packed for the steem installation to commence.

Going through the installation of the steem brand was relatively easy than the prior installation. It did not take that much of a time as this has already occurred with the first introduction of the steem on wheels. After a successful installation, the owner of this automobile expressed such much excitement for the attractiveness of the steem brand. Even if he is not on steemit yet, but he appreciate and admire everything l have discussed to him about steemit.

The steem brand initiative is progressively gaining a large manufacturing in the Ashanti area of Ghana. After providing this automobile a second brand of the project, l expect to have many additional cars coming in for agreeing to make use of their cars for steem branding. Many people seeing the steem logo on automobiles traveling throughout town is undoubtedly a terrific means of promoting for the steemit blockchain.





A successful branding.

After a going through the installation of the brand on this automobile, l am very happy about the beauty that has been given to this car. Just like the prior one, it is appearing so distinct and striking with in the midst of other automobiles. We wish to receive more and more invitation on the steem blockchain even as the automobile drives each day in town.

Steemit advertising has been successfully enhanced and acquire a substantial attention in Ghana with the introduction of the branding on wheels. I nonetheless ask that steemians communicate with me feedbacks that are essential to assist improve on the branding initiatives of steem and steemit. I look forward to gaining the essential help in making this a larger and better project.






 a successful steem brand by @Mcsamm

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I have included this post in the 24th issue of Steem News Magazine For Steemit Platform | November 23, 2021.

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This is wonderful dear @mcsamm. Weldone and more strength to you

Thanks for your words and support dear.

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Weldone bro. Thi is beautiful.

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Impressive! This is so nice and will help communicate a lot about steem

We hope to do more in promoting steem amd steemit. Thanks for supporting th3 project @collinz

This is great branding you have done with steem. Let’s show the streets of Ghana what we are about.

You're right. Ghana 🇬🇭 is on the go with steem.

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It is always a pleasure working with you. Steem for life 😊

Thanks always buddy.

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this is massive from your guys,,, I love to see steem everywhere

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Absolutely fantastic, i love car branding initiative so much, i can't wait for phase 3

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Steemit to the moon.
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