My Power Up. Powered Up 50% of my payout #Club5050

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Powering Up has become very instrumental in our steemit journey since it provides a great sense of belonging. It's a great way of investing in the steemit ecosystem. Powering Up shows our love for steemit. I'm glad I have the opportunity to show my love by powering up even tho I don't earn much.


Excited to join the club5050. Joining this by powering up 50% of my earnings. I earned 31 steem so I powered up 15 steem. Even though it's really small, I'm motivated to power up more in subsequent weeks.


Things haven't been really smooth for me on steemit but I'm glad I keep making posts because writing is something I love. I trust with time everything will be great as planned. The benefits of powering up cannot be overlooked. It helps increase our steem power, gives us the opportunity to help other people by upvoting their posts, and increases our influence on the steem blockchain.


I encourage everyone to join the club5050 since investing in steemit is a great thing to do. With powering up we can help steemit grow.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Happy #club5050 PromoSteem 📣


You can't use the #club5050 tag because you're spending too much Steem to Exchange, instead of powering up.