The More You Invest in Steem, the More Steem Invests in You

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Steemit is primarily an investment platform rather than a money-making platform. I'm sure this post will explain why certain people keep getting upvotes while others don't. Since the beginning, Steemit has always prioritized on Steem promotion and invesment.



The steemit platform is powered by the cryptocurrency steem. It's what keeps it going so that active users who upload or share their contents on a regular basis can continue to be rewarded.

By increasing the value of steem through power ups, you are investing in the Steem ecosystem's long-term viability. The worth of steem must be kept in mind to keep Steemit going. Without the rewards, I don't think anyone would find Steemit appealing.

Some people have put a lot of money into Steem in the hopes of making a profit. Every investor wants to see a return on their money, and this is exactly what they expect.

Those that invest in Steem in this manner receive a significant return on their investment in a variety of ways, one of which is using the SP for curation and receiving more curation rewards.


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Again there are those who are content creators or bloggers who share their contents for rewards on steemit. They also invest into Steem by powering up or locking some of their steem. The more a user g powers up, the more curators reward that user because they see that user as significantly contributing to the value of Steem.

This can simply be linked to damand and supply theory. There more steem is in circulation the less the price and the more scarce steem becomes the higher the price.

This is why users who continue to power up by joining any of the clubs ( #club5050, #Club75 and #Club100 ) are rewarded with more upvotes. Those who chose #club75 and #club100 receive even more votes and it makes sense based on the reasons given in this post.

So as you keep investing more in Steem, the More steem keeps investing in you. Users who keep investing more are always seen be helping more in building a strong steem ecosystem, so why won't steem also invest more in such users.

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Nice Post My Friend, Your words are very true "The more you invest in Steem, the more Steem invests in you".

Exactly, thanks for stopping by my friend

You're welcome My Friend 👍😊

And investment in ourselves is a great way of improving life. Thanks bro

you are welcome

Successful Investment is actually a long time journey, not a one time event, also there is need for preparation, the joy of it is that at the end of it all comes a great success and achievement..dear @collinz you're inspiration for us..

I'm glad my posts is inspiring more people, thank you @mreasy

Always welcome sir..

Exactly bro ….