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Steemit for the time being is all over the lips of many people. The rise of members is unmeasurable, All credit goes to the team of promoter doing massively well in their promotional campaigns. Many have come out with great innovative ideas that will help champion the name of steemit on high.
The recent one by @mcsamm is quite impressive.. Steemit on wheels, This is great, now most can see the brand everywhere through that initiative. I really admire his work.
Nice work from country rep.

This is what promoters are called upon to do.
What Promoters Must Do?
Promoters to my little understand are the various actors that sell a particular brand to the masses and in this case, steemit promoters sell steemit to people through many ways, It can be distribution of exercise books, wearing of steem-T-shirt, and other souvenirs.

Promoters seek the welfare of its members: the work of the promoter doesn't just end at bringing people on board but ensuring their members are more active on the platform by posting more and commenting as well. Promoters must do well and help their members to come out with good post, and also comments on their post as well as upvotes.

Promoters Never Quit.
The success of steemit solely depends on how well we are able to reach right people to the blockchain, people who will be willing to invest their resources onto the platform, my concept as a promoter is that, not everyone can be steemian so I'm not bothered about signing up but concern more about those that can bring more changes onto the platform. We must inculcate the never quitting statement to our members. Sometimes, the picture might not look exactly the same as we presented to them and they might feel like giving up along the line, so is the work of the promoter to ensure members never quit no matter what.

Promoters generate ideas that will ensure effective promotion: We must also develop ideas that will energize our promotional campaigns and with this, i must applauds the work of our country reps @nattybongo and @mcsamm, and other members like @collinz etc who are doing so much well with new ideas of promoting steemit to people.

The name Promoter comes with a lot of responsibilities, it is not something we just applauds ourselves with. Just as the meaning of the name goes, we must work to ensure we deserve the name Steemit Promoter.

I believe this little piece will spice up our work as a promoter.
Good luck to all of us ,Promoters Never Quite Remember that always.

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we keep working hard on promoting steem and steemit. Thanks for this today.

Exactly bro …and thanks too for your hardwork

The title of a promoter has weight and responsibility that comes with it and we must be abreast with it to know what we are about, thanks for sharing this with us

The pleasure is all mine

You guys always make steem promotions look beautiful, keep up the good work

Thanks dear

Really good job. Very well posted. I have selected your post for Promo-Steem Social media Project. Now I will share your post on Twitter social media to promote.



Thank you once again