Weekly Report From Pakistan || 22th of July to 31st of July 2022 || #Club75

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Aoa Steemians

Hope you all are well and enjoying your happy lives. God bless you all.


I am sharing weekly report of July from 22th of July to 31st of July 2022.

I am thankful to all the active members from pakistan who participate in different promotional activities in promosteem. I will try to increase the number of active users from pakistan in the coming weeks. This week users from pakistan show their engagement through promotional posts.

Active Users

UsersAmount PostClub Status

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Power Up Activity

As we know power up is most important for your steemit account and it is useful for many work on the steemit.

UsernameAmount of Power up this WeekBefore Power upAfter Power up

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Future Plans

I will organize a contest in coming week because in last contest there was great entries and I hope that you all will participate. Try to participate in the community tasks.

Please support our community by engaging on other users post and try to support them by using your Steem power in the form of small or big vote. It would be beneficial for your profile as well as you can get support through community curators team by using right tags.

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