#Club75 || Application for Country Representative of Pakistan

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Aoa & Hello Everyone

Country representative is a huge responsibility for steemit users and I am excited to apply for this because I was waiting for it since last year when I joined steemit. I am working on steemit since last year, I help users on steemit as well as on other social media apps.

I was the first female promoter selected from Pakistan in promo seem (now Steem database) where I started my promotional work and encourage users by organizing different contests. Appreciating users' efforts by supporting them. It's the first time that I am applying for country representative and I wish I would meet all the eligibility criteria for selection.

Eligibility Criteria

active on the platform for at least the past 3 months

I am active from the date of joining steemit on 19 May 2021. I am actively commenting, posting, and organizing contests in different communities.


At least 1000 SP of their own (not delegated)

I have 5168 Steem power.


A reputation of at least 60

I have a 68.566 Reputation at present which I make in just one year journey on steemit.

Live permanently in the country they want to be a Country Rep for

I lived in Lahore, Pakistan.

Be fluent in the main language of the country they want to be a Country Rep for

Urdu is our national language and Alhamdulilah I am fluent in Urdu. I am also fluent in our provincial language; Punjabi (Province Punjab).

Have a CSI and voting pattern that demonstrates that they are already supporting other Steemians in the country they want to be a Country Rep for.

I have 16.2 Voting CSI. It's less because I was busy with exams last month and I didn't vote for many users. I always try to support good and unique content by voting them through my account.


Why do you think you would make a good Country Representative.

  • I help users from day one in joining steemit as well as working on it. I mostly help needy students who are struggling to complete their studies and who aren't able to complete them due to the death of their parents or any other reason.

  • The most important thing which no one has done, I have created a Curation Account through which I support users from Pakistan and I delegate all my steem power to that account to support users from Pakistan.

  • I am working as a moderator in 3 communities Steem database, Steem infinity zone, and Steem studios. I also worked in the newcomer's community as a greeter and have curation experience through the Sc03 account. I have good experience of checking posts plagiarism, farming accounts and few accounts has been muted by me due to plagiarism. I can incredibly manage the duties of CR.

  • I support promotional activities by organizing contests, especially for Pakistani users in the Steem database and Steem infinity zone.

  • I have joined #club75 for more than 2 months. I support to power up and not support done power down.

Important Posts

Promotional PostsGuidance Posts
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link
Post LinkPost Link

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Wow it's really good if we see you as a country representative of pakistan because you are the first female promoter of pakistan.

Thank you for kind words.

You are already working as hard working lady in different communities. This role also suits you. Good luck 🤞 😊

You are really a hard working and passionate fellow here on the platform dear. Good luck for the application.

Thank you do much. Good luck to you as well.

Thanks 😊

You are hard worker and dedicated in your work, i wish you very good luck for you

Thank you so much dear friend.

All the best my friend. Your all the work to this platform is appreciable. My best wishes with you.

Thank you so much.

Wish you very very good luck for CR i know you are very passionate in your work and do best in such a short time period, my prayers for you

Thank you so much, friend. Means a lot. I wish I could get this role.

Good to see your post. I was waiting for your post. You are so talented and kind. Always supportive for others. Very responsible lady you are ! This position fit you. You are already doing a good job. Wish you good luck dear.

You are so much active user in this platform. I think you deserve this position. Best of luck dear.

Thank you so much 💖. I wish I can.

Nice post😃
You are talented and hardworking

You are active user and I think you are eligible for this.
Best wishes for you 🤠❣️

Good luck ash you are one of the best person from pakistan on this platform and you deserve this place. Best of luck dear friend my all best wishes for you.

Thank you so much 💓.

Wow, you have produce a good number of promotional post and guideline for steemians, this shows how interested you are to the growth if the platform, which is one of the value that will be taken into account when evaluating

Best of luck on your aspiration
I wish you success

Thank you so much dear.

You are most welcome

Best of luck dear mam for this post and no doubt soon you become a our country representative.
Best of luck and Love from Mahnoor (sitaraindaryas)...

You have made a great entry for the post and your effort and commitment is top-notch.I am congratulating in advance.

Thank you so much.

Best of luck Ayesha 💞

Thank you ❤️

Good luck !

Thank you.

Best of luck

Thank you.

Best of luck friend.

Thank you.

Our full support
to you, wish you all the best !

Thank you so much

Congratulations !!!

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Thank you.

Best of Luck @Ashkhan!

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing post and stay original.

Plagiarism freeYES
Club 75YES
Verified userYES
free botsYES
Voting CSI16

Remark :
You have a very lengthy and impressive track record on steemit deserving of a country rep I wish you the best

Thank you so much dear.

You have done a pretty good job on this platform. And I always liked your content. Best of Luck.

Thank you so much.