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I dedicate 10% of post results to @steem-database For Support Community.


Good evening, everybody. wonderful, successful steemians.

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With the community everything becomes stronger, that's what the community is for. So the stronger the community, the greater the community's reputation.

FROM US TO US, that is the phrase I often read in some articles or comments. And with that, the desire to increase becomes stronger.

Steem is a digital currency or cryptocurrency called steppence, from 2016 to the present day Steem stock in the digital market continues to rise every year, which is sure to continue into the future. Dollars or SBD and STEEM are also digital currency in steemit, designed to be a stable currency that can be sold at any time we want. SBD and this Steem will get us from postings at steemit, with steuses power.

Steem power, as well as one of the digital curains on blockchain social media, is stewarts. For some, including me, this currency is Paramount, having a steem power could invest long-term in steemit. The more power stations we have, the greater our chances of success at steemit.

Some Steem Power I have delegated to some communities, which I have done to maintain the balance of society in the future, as well as to improve the power of society to grow stronger and stronger.

Of course delegating must be coupled with increased power quality on your previous account, in order to get higher power to be able to delegate to the communities we want to delegate.

I haven't done power up in a long time, because of the lack of Posting I've produced so I don't get the Steem results from the posts.


Some time ago, though, I began to get active again and tried to get my mind around it, to be able to make slightly useful posts. Inability to think is that there are no habits, or habits that are often committed, have simply stopped and that have a major impact on postings that will eventually be written.

Why Must Power Up

A lot of people think power up is a huge loss to him, all because of his ambition that he believes in steemit is merely to make money. Come to think of it, if we invest in the long run, we can expect more money, for the growth of stetrics that the world is increasingly aware of. But if from now on we're not thinking about investing, then we can only have a few moments of fun, because it sure as hell is getting lower with less support than all of us.

Because regularly performing power upgrades in steehousing will help improve the growth of Steem in the future. The more the Steem Power we invest in, the more profit we will make.

Because we need to know that long-term investment is very useful to you, to me and to all of us. Let it be the same as we grow and develop this finest diplatfrom.

I was able to do power up because of the addition of Steem I had gained through several posts I had previously written, because there were several postings that earned some of the benefits of community service, so I could add a coed to my Steem Power.

Thus, I am now beginning to regain my Steem Power so that I can become stronger in the future.



So that's my coverage this time, and I would like to call upon all my friends who have not invested in the development of stewarts in the future, so let's improve our quality and strength for the Shared stewarts.

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my posts. Have a great day!



Author : @abelanar11 | From : Aceh - Indonesia | About Me


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Konsistem . Good jobb👍🏻

Congratulations !!!

You got upvote from the Steem-Database community.


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