Meet the new moderator in the community - @makcl from Ukraine!

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Hello, Steem-Family community members! On this beautiful day, we are pleased to inform you that a new moderator has appeared in the community - @makcl.


For a long time Ukraine was left without a representative of the country, but now this deficiency has been eliminated. Maxim is an active author of our community, a major delegate, and now also a moderator! Very soon he will become a dad, so he really loves the topic of home, family and children!

He is currently running the "My First Pet" competition and invites everyone to talk about their four-legged friends:

We also draw your attention to the fact that in order to participate in contests (any!), It is necessary that at least five people comment on your post! For comments from the curated account, you can also get additional votes.

We also remind you that posts in our community must be unique and contain at least 150 words.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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It's good to have you in the team.

thank you very much for such a warm greeting 😉😊

welcome to our new moderator @makcl

Congratulation sir on your new office in steem patfrom

Warm welcome in our Family community 💞 We will All to gether work more for community grow.〽️

welcome to our new moderator @makcl.

Congratulations @makcl on this achievement. 👏

congratulations to #steem-family for finding a new moderator, and congratulations to @makcl

thank you very much, I am pleased to be part of such a team😊😉

You are wel come,,😊😊😊

Selamat kepada Bapak @makcl sebagai moderator baru, salam hangat dan salam kenal 😊

Congratulations, @makcl We are glad that you have been elected to this position in this good community. We pray from our hearts that you will always continue to smile and work hard like this and Allah will always pave the way for success with you. Amen. Thank you very much.🤗❤🤗

Your Beloved: @arslanaj


Selamat kepada @makci atas terpilihnya sebagai moderator baru.
Semoga sukses.

Welcome to the office of Ukraine country representative,more grace to your elbow

Welcome to the @steemfamily Community. We hope you enjoy the extension of service.

Congratulations and welcome Sir