"Let's talk!" №16 - My family's cardinal rule! // "Давайте поговорим" №16 - Главное правило моей семьи!

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Hi all, the commentary competition is back with you! We have a family community, let's discuss some family values.
Every unit of society has its own rules, there are many similarities and many differences.

What is the main rule in your family? For example, one of my main rules is to make up before going to bed if there are disagreements during the day. That way we go to bed always happy and satisfied, confident about the future. Dreams, by the way, are bright and joyful because of this!

Tell us what your family's main rule is in the comments to this post. Share your secrets of family happiness! That way we can learn from each other's positive experiences! The authors of the top three comments will each receive 1 Steem. We'll sum up the results on 6th July, after 18:00 UTC.

Good luck to everyone and have a great time!



Всем привет! Конкурс комментариев снова с вами! У нас семейное сообщество, давайте обсудим некоторые семейные ценности.

В каждой ячейке общества есть свои правила, есть много общего и много различий. Какое главное правило в вашей семье? Например, у меня одно из главных правил - обязательно мириться перед сном, если в течение дня возникли размолвки. Так мы ложимся спать всегда довольными и счастливыми, уверенными в завтрашнем дне. Сны, кстати, благодаря этому тоже бывает светлым и радостным!

Расскажите, какое главное правило в вашей семье, в комментариях к этому посту. Поделитесь своими секретами семейного счастья! Так мы сможем перенять положительный опыт друг друга! Авторы трех лучших комментариев получат по 1 Steem. Итоги подведем 6 июля, после 18:00 UTC.

Всем удачи и отличного настроения!

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It's nice to have rules in your family, because it helps to keep the family in order,a home without rules it's like animal jungle that they are free without any restrictions. I will list some of my family rules below

  1. One of my family rule is that when you are going out you must have a good reason for going out,if not you are not going anywhere and you must tell where you are going so that in case of anything we can look for you there.
  2. If there is misunderstanding between any of us, you can't take it outside, all the family members we come together to it settle for us,
  3. Another one is that all the house chores have been divided, each person has there own work to do, because if my parents did not do it that way problem will keep coming out, so for the peace of the family my parents have to share it.etc

I will say that what keep my family happiness is the way we interact and communicate with each other, we don't feel jealous of each person success rather we celebrate it, infact we are like one mind, we always think of each person happiness, if one is having problem, we call for meeting and find a way to help out of the problem, we always share things with our family, we don't keep things from our family because we trust and respect ourselves.

Поставили в тупик вопросом. Пожалуй, у нас нет единого правила в семье. Скорее, каждый старается внести свой посильный вклад в наш семейный мир.

А, сообразила! Как могла забыть?
Наше главное правило: «Глава семьи (муж и отец) всегда прав! Если глава семьи не прав, то не стоит ему об этом сообщать во имя спасения мира. Надо согласиться, подыграть.»

One of my family rule is to have supper/dinner together as a family. We agreed on dinner because during the day we are all busy attending to different work and activities . So a rule was set that dinner should be had together. Even if one of the family members is not in good terms is not supposed to miss out on dinner. One only misses out only if he/she must. This has helped us to stay united as a family because it's during this time that we share what everyone has gone through in the day. It also helps us to counsel one another and also to stay happy as a family. The family dinner is always followed with a family prayer and like the saying goes

a family that prays together, stays together

One of my family rule is to have supper/dinner together as a family. We agreed on dinner because during the day we are all busy attending to different work and activities . So a rule was set that dinner should be had together.

This is very good rule should follow in any home. Beacasue due to rapid increase of electronic globalization family are dismissing and neglect rules and respect of relationships. Thanks for sharing ☺️

You are welcome

Семейное правило? Все просто. Важно одно: уважать друг друга. Кроме этого, нужно верить своей половинке. Не стоит ссориться на ровном месте.

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This is very good mini contest through every one can able to understand how to manage or organized their home and family relationships.

In our home, Elder or owner of the home set some rules from Couple of years ago for living an organizad way.

For instant, We had set timing to wake up early in morning and sleep early at night, All the family members eat at one time on a one table , don't waste money to buy too much clothes. Just buy in seasonal for need. And donate old clothes to deserving people whenever buy new clothes.

Beside that in Pakistan too much load shading there for we used to sit altogether at least one time in a day on open place for inhaling fresh air and off all the lights to save electricity.