CONTEST "Photo hunt!": Week #17 - Results of the popular vote!

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Hi all, today we're summing up the results of the popular vote for the Photo Hunt competition.

We, the organisers, really like the people's vote (I hope you do too!). This week 15 people voted for their favourite entries! Thank you so much for actively supporting and voting!


Here are the results of the popular vote in week 17 of the competition:

With a margin of two votes over the nearest rival, the @eto-ka from Russia won. Here's her party table!


We congratulate the winner and send her 5 steem as well as the title of this week's Chief Photo-Hunter!

The next photo hunt will start very soon, please watch out for announcements in our community!

In the meantime, we invite you to take part in a children's drawing competition and draw a picnic together with your children!

Good luck and good mood everyone!

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Congratulation .

I'm very glad! Thanks a lot to everyone who voted!
And thanks to my friends for a beautiful and varied New Year's table!

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