CONTEST "Photo hunt!": Week #14 - Results!

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Hello friends! This week we were able to enjoy the beautiful monuments in the "Photo Hunt" competition. It's great that you not only posted photos, but also added descriptions.


By tradition, we invite you to take a close look at the work of the participants and vote in the comments for the work that you liked the most!






Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all photographers for participating in the "Photohunt" competition. The winners will receive 3 stim. Please invite friends and acquaintances of the authors to vote for your work - then the probability of victory and the title of the Chief Photo Hunter will become even closer!

We will summarize the results of the popular vote on Thursday, December 9, after 21.00 Moscow time.

Follow the community posts! The next photo hunt will start very soon!

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No 4 @humaidi from indonesia

отдаю свой голос @eto-ka

congrats to all the winners,

Congratulations to all winners!

Congrats to the winners, you are pros

Congratulations to all winners.

Какие все красивые и достойные поощрения!!!

Но Читающий Ангел @eto-ka просто поразил в самое сердце. Мой голос за него.

Congratulations to the winners

This was amazing contest. I wished I would participate too.❣️ All monuments entries are outstanding, I liked entry of @ranarahman. Because the message behind the sharing Monument photography is really to be pounder . congratulations everyone 🤞

@humaidi indonesia

@humaidi Indonesia

4 @humaidi from Indonesia

@humaidi dari indonesia

Thanks you

@humaidi from Indonesian,number 4

все памятники красивые!))

Спасибо за выбор моего памятника!
Свой голос отдаю за @may2015

My vote for @eto-ka and her angel