Children and money. The result of the mini-competition.

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Hi all! The day before yesterday we invited our family writers to discuss the topic of money and children. Should children be given pocket money? If so, how much and in what way?

We got some very interesting answers. It was extremely difficult for us to choose, but we will note the two answers that resonated most deeply with the organisers.

@strawberrry raised the important topic of family budgeting and financial literacy. The story of a family where the mother spreads the money around and shows by practical example how the distribution of money clearly has a positive effect on the child.


@klukva explained how she teaches her 13-year-old children how to earn and spend money. It is very valuable to understand that different amounts of money can be earned for different work. It is also important to spend money properly.

Authors receive 2 steem each. Thank you all very much for taking part in our little competition. Please keep an eye on the posts in the community.

There will definitely be a next comment competition!

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Ух ты спасибо!!!

Спасибо, приятно)!

Congratulations to all winners.

Congratulations to winners. You shared very logical views about the money and children. 💰👧