CONTEST #8/ The Diary game on December 01, 2021{ my busy today} set 10% to @steemit-family by @riska-amanda #club5050

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Assalamualaikum wr.wb...!!!

Good Afternoon all of you, how are you, hope you are all well and always in the protection of Allah SWT, get abundant sustenance and always be healthy.

On this occasion I am participating in a contest that is taking place in the #steemfamily community which is being held by the beloved moderator @rabibulhasan71 who is from Bangladesh. It is an honor for me to be able to take part in this interesting contest with the theme #diarygame hopefully friends like my game diary happy reading.




Today as usual I woke up at around 06:00 WIB in the morning after getting up I went to the bathroom to clean my face brushing my teeth and doing ablution after that I did my five daily prayers finished praying I prayed after finished praying I went back to folding the prayer rug and put it back neatly.

At that time I opened the window of the house and looked out, it turned out that the morning sun had started to rise from the eastern horizon for a moment I contemplated and took a breath as if gathering energy to be ready for today's activities because my daily activities are cleaning the house taking care of my husband and beloved children.

Around 10:00 pm I was only able to have breakfast because I was too busy with activities in the morning such as washing, preparing breakfast and cleaning the house. I almost forgot that I had not had breakfast After breakfast I take care of the flowers and water them.






In the afternoon around 11:30 am I went to the market to shop for some necessities for the lunch menu such as vegetables and some other kitchen equipment.

After coming home from shopping I cooked my family's favorite lunch menu, today I cooked stir-fried vegetables. This is a favorite menu for my children and my beloved husband after cooking, I didn't eat breakfast right away because my stomach was still full.

Because I felt hot, I went into the bathroom and cleaned my body and face, then took a shower. I also bathed my youngest child. We both enjoyed bathing together. After taking a bath, my body became fresh again. After I finished from the bathroom, I put my daughter to sleep first, after she fell asleep, then I did it. pray Dzuhur then rest After a short nap, I lay down and finally I fell asleep in a beautiful dream. By the way, if you dream during the day, it's called a boong dream. He...he..






In the afternoon I was invited to go out for a walk with my beloved husband, I didn't refuse his invitation, instead I felt happy to go for a walk and spend time with him because I think traveling can make me more refreshed and relieve stress after a day just at home.

After being satisfied with our walk, we stopped at a meatball stall located in the city of Geudong. We ordered two Bangkok chicken meatball noodles and also drinks after we were satisfied with eating meatballs. We decided to go home, it was nice to be able to spend time traveling with my beloved husband because I think the day- days don't feel beautiful without time with him.

This is my short game Diar with my family for today, I hope my friends like it before saying goodbye I would like to invite some friends to join this contest.

I invit:



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You had a really wonderful day. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

thanks to you too

what a beautiful day you have!😀
and in the photo are vegetables and chopped corn 🌽 - are they fried vegetables or is it some kind of salad?))

I cook it with love it's stir-fried vegetables
thank you for visiting friend

I am really grateful to you for participating in my contest regularly. I request you to participate in every contest of our family regularly. Thank you very much for the beautiful diary you have presented to us I am glad.

Welcome you are my friend

Are you Indonesian ,i lpve Indonesia bcz it is the largest country of muslims and i love it .ypur daughter is so cute iam also mother and children are the beauty of the world.

Yes, I'm from Indonesia, thank you for taking the time for my diary

you too your diary is impressive

Thank you