BETTERLIFE - THE DIARY GAME /17-01-2022 // 10% - for @steemit-family

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Hello Friends,

How is everyone, Hope everybody is fine and I'm fine too. today I came again to share my diary with you in the @steemit-family community.

My Diary Game



---| Morning Time |---


It's time to finish breakfast and sit in a shop outside and have tea.

The body was a little sick so it was a little late to wake up in the morning. Didn't get the time for Fajr prayers. So I wake up, wash my hands and face, perform ablutions and perform the Fajr prayers. After that I go out for a walk and I like to walk every morning. And in the morning there is light darkness and fog all around, after walking for a long time you get hungry. Then I come to a house without delay and come home and wash my hands and face and have breakfast. Then after breakfast I go outside. I go out and sit in a tea shop and have a cup of colored tea. After tea I went home and came home with the bat to play cricket.

---| Noon Time |---


Eating beef biryani for lunch.

It was about 1:00 am when I came home after playing cricket from the field. This time I came home and went to the washroom to take a bath. While taking a bath, he gives Azan of Zahur. After performing ablution, I went to the mosque to perform the Zohar prayers. I came home after praying. When I got home, I washed my hands and face and went to the table to have lunch. Mom cooked beef biryani for lunch today. After that I ate lunch and went to bed.

---| Afternoon |---


Going to play cricket on the field in the afternoon.

Then I woke up around 5:00 in the afternoon, woke up, washed my hands and face and got fresh. Then I perform ablution and perform Asr prayers. After sitting for some time, my mother brought tea and mudri for breakfast. After breakfast I went back to the field to play. I go to the field and play cricket. After a long time, I come home in the evening. After the call of Maghrib, I went to perform ablution and went to the mosque to perform prayers.

---| Night Time |---


badminton at night.

I am coming home after performing Maghrib prayers. When I came home, I washed my hands and face and sat down to read for a while. While reading the book, Esha gives Azan. Then I went to the mosque to perform ablution and perform Esha prayers. There is no rest after sitting at home for a while. Then we went to the field in our area. Night badminton was being played there and I also went and played. After playing 2-3 matches, when I got very tired, I came home later. Shortly after coming home, my mother called for dinner and then I left for dinner. I ate dinner and went to bed. This was a normal day for me today.

Thanks to all

All picture captured

SmartphoneRealme C25s
LocationParbatipur, Bangladesh
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