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Hello lovely people, hope you are all well.

The most beautiful thing I have experienced in my life is dreaming. I know this may sound weird but the future holds so much. We are supposed to live fully in the present but we create the future through actions and those actions can not be done unless there is a dream and from the dream a plan can be created. Dreaming helps us see beyond what has already been created.


Dreaming has helped me picture what I want my life to look like. It has helped me picture the house I would want to live in, the countries I want to travel to, the family I want to have and what I want to do in form of work. Therefore much as most of it is not yet in existence, as dreaming has sort of helped me try and map a way and look for ways on how to fulfil these dreams that hold.

People who benefit greatly from this are inventors and other people who do creative work. My imagination is so active in that I dream up things though action may lack atleast many ideas come up in my head all day long. My imagination creates stories in my head and sometimes I feel like if I wrote them down they would make good stories or even good plots for movies😂.

Dreaming and imagining different things and scenarios have actually kept me occupied on days when I am not with any gadgets. The mind is such a creative tool, even when I read novels I can literally draw up the visuals and create a picture of what the characters look like. Therefore the above reasons are why dreaming is the most beautiful thing I have experienced.

I invite @iraguha, @kyara2, @mariez, @moureenbronia, @faithlyn and @vianneyspirit to participate in this contest.

I thank @humaidi for this contest.

Thank you all for reading.❤️❤️

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Thank you so much, I submitted my entry already


Thanks dear for tge invite

You are welcome.

you seem to have a very active imagination there, but in a dream I also like to see some things) sometimes it seems to me that what I dreamed is repeated in reality

Wow, then your mind is a creator of your reality. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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