CONTEST"Photo hunt!": Week #19- Drinks! 10% payout to @steemit-family|| by @noraandy

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Hello everyone, i hope we all woke up well, sound and good today. I want to appreciate this @SteemFamily community for coming up with this amazing contest.


The drink i have with me in the photo above is called Exotic drink. This drink is a fruit nectar blend of assorted tropical fruits. It has flavours like pineapple&coconut nectar(the one i have above), multifruita nectar and mango fruit drinks.

On this nice Saturday, i was taken out by a friend so dear to me.



I had to take some photoshots. This took place at a nice sit out spot at Maitama(Ewet Housing Estate) in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. I had an amazing time because the juice was served chilled. It's nice to have a glass of this exotic juice as it gives a memorable experience of pleasure.

I would like to invite @benson6, @vianneyspirit, @chiomzy810 and @godspraise to participate in this contest. Thank you

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How I love pineapple so much. I guess even the exotic drink must be as sweet as the pineapple 🍍.

Thank you so much for even inviting me here

My friend, i like pineapple juice too,not the raw pineapple, has a way of giving me wound on my tongue. You're welcome

Uwo mama, this drink sounds new to me, hope you send me some, thanks for the invite

I don't mind sharing my drink with you, you sure will get the invite next time