Contest 11|| Share With Us Weekend Special Activities||10% beneficiary set to @steemit-family || by @noraandy

in hive-153018 •  6 months ago 

Hello everyone in this beautiful @SteemFamily community. I hope we are all doing well and good. It's weekend already and this contest organised by @Uzma4882 about weekend special activities.

First, i wake up most times by 6am on weekend so i can meet up my time table on working out. I use 30mins of my time to work out(indoor) to keep fit.

A photo of me after workout

Then i decide to have something light in the morning which could be smoothie or fruits and a cup of green tea just to feel light for the day.


This particular weekend, i have to play dress up for a friend's wedding ceremony. So, i had a makeup artist come over for home service so i don't get to stress myself going to a make up studio and coming back to dress up.





The reception was lit. It was so fantastic, it has made my weekend already. I want to invite @benson6, @chiomzy810, @madilyn02, @beautybb, and @charis20 to comment and participate in this contest.

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Wow thanks for the invitation, you really look beautiful

🤭 🤭 🤭 i'm shy, thanks dear

It's nice reading from you once again. I see your weekend was indeed special with all the glowing faces in the pictures. The makeup artists did a really good job because you looked really fantastic with it...🤗
I thank you for inviting me to the contest. It will be a great pleasure for me to participate..


You're welcome dear, its good to have you here