Contest Week #8 : Share your favorite job and win 15 steem prizes every week

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hello, how are you, I hope you are all in good health and well, for the seventh week of the contest, everything is a success and as usual I will announce tomorrow Monday.

We all know that humans are social creatures. There are different types of human activities in society. Socially people grow. Socially, their activities are different. While living in society, different people fall in love with different types of work.

We have organized a competition today with the work of love. The point of the competition is to find out what your favorite job is and why you like it.

  • What job is it?
  • What is the importance of this work in your life?
  • How far do you want to take this job?
  • Can this job bring you success in life?

for all participants before posting try to read the contest rules, and every contest post must have 5 comments from your friends it's mandatory.


  • upvote, comment and resteem this post.

  • posts must be made in the #steemfamily community.

  • share 10% gifts to the @steemit-family account for community progress

  • all languages accepted

  • use these tags ( #steemfamily-week8, #steemexclusive , #contest, #country - indonesia )

  • invite three of your friends to take part in the contest, and every post must have 5 comments from your friends, it's mandatory.

  • Posts are not accepted if they contain plagiarism, or copy and paste from any source, must be original posts.

  • Tag my name @humaidi so I can find your post as soon as possible.

  • Your content is at least 250 words,and there must be at least 3 photos

  • share your entry under the comments of this post

Posts are accepted until 27 november at 23:59 WIB.


Reward pool system

Rank 42.steem
Rank 51.Steem
Note: The more you edit the less chance to win.

I am waiting for posts from you, and hopefully all of you will join this contest, thank you.

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hello guide me to steem i m new

Saludos amigo @skardu te muestro a continuación los primeros pasos que debes comenzar a dar, en la comunidad Haz click aquí debes suscribirte y hacer tu presentación.
En el siguiente enlace te puedes guiar para que tengas una idea de cómo hacer la presentación y las etiquetas que vas a usar, recuerda siempre leer todo lo posible para que estés bien enterado de las reglas, haz click en Logro 1 tómalo como ejemplo como debes hacer tu presentación, luego de ello te invito a seguir los demás logros. Aprovecho dejo este otro enlace si quieres participar en mi comunidad, bienvenido. Entrar y suscribirse si requieres otra ayuda por favor nombrame en tu presentación @luislugo218 y a mi comunidad @hive-180158 y te estaré guiando. Lo harás bien, estoy seguro.

Thank you, I'm waiting for your participation.

with pleasure

Wow this is a very wonderful contest I must say,i believe that we can learn from each other's job experience,I will soon make my entry.

Thank you, I'm waiting for your participation.

Pls dear friend,I delegated 100sp to steemit-family few weeks back but I haven't been labelled anything in the community,


@greatketty will respond you soon. Thanks for Delegation 💖

Thanks you so much for delegation,,

Thank you so much friend for labelling me a delegator

You are welcome,,😊😊

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Thanks you so much,, @disconnect

My entry will be landing soon

Thank you, I'm waiting for your participation.

This is different contest. I will share my participation too.Thanks for organizing 💖

Thank you, I'm waiting for your participation.

This is glorious and I love everything about the contest, anticipate my submission

Thank you, I'm waiting for your participation.

Muy bueno el concurso,estaré preparando mi participación.😘

Inspiring contest

Thanks you so much