Contest Week #10 || cooking contest and win 15 steem prizes every week #club5050

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hello how are you, I hope you are all in good health and well, for week 9 the contest will end today, everything is a success and as usual I will announce tomorrow monday.

So this 10th week I want to have a different contest, and the way is very easy, everyone can enter this contest and get ready, This contest is open to everyone.

and for the 10th week contest "cooking contest" for this contest all of you can share various types of food that you are cooking, complete with recipes for each food you want to share.and here you can share at least 3 or 4 photos and 200 words that are important free from plagiarism.

for all participants before posting must read the contest rules, and each contest post must have 5 or more comments from different friends because my winner is judged by the number of comments from your friends.


  • upvote, comment and resteem this post.

  • posts must be made in the #steemfamily community.

  • share 10% gifts to the @steemit-family account for community progress

  • all languages accepted

  • use these tags ( #steemfamily-week10, #steemexclusive , #contest, #country - indonesia )

  • invite three of your friends to take part in the contest, and every post must have 5 comments from your friends, it's mandatory.

  • Posts are not accepted if they contain plagiarism, or copy and paste from any source, must be original posts.

  • Tag my name @humaidi so I can find your post as soon as possible.

  • Your content is at least 200 words,and there must be at least 4 photos

  • share your entry under the comments of this post

Posts are accepted until 12 Desember at 23:59 WIB.


Reward pool system

Rank 42.steem
Rank 51.steem
Note: The more you edit the less chance to win.

I am waiting for posts from you, and hopefully all of you will join this contest, thank you.

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wow this is very interesting there will be many delicious dishes served from friends from various countries.

My Entry:

Thanks you so much,,

You organize different types of contests every week. This time the topic of the week's contest is very good. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day.

thanks for the comments mate, good luck for this week's contest,

Best of luck.

What a lovely contest. I can't wait to see different kind of delicacies and also showcase my cooking talent

Very interesting contest, i can't wait to learn different delicious meals from different countries.

Thank you very much, I am waiting for your participation,😊😊😊

Ok sir, i will soon drop my entry

Another amazing contest for all!

Thank you very much, I am waiting for your participation,😊😊😊

Alright bro!
I'll drop it soon..

I was also thinking about this contest. My contest title bit different from you. I will also share my cooking skills ☺️ soon

almost the same, good luck both contests, 😀😀😊😊

So amazing, I wanna submit my entry

Thank you very much, I am waiting for your participation,😊😊😊

Wow!!! This lovely as i am already in the kitchen to get contest running.

Thanks you so much,,😉😊😊

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Thanks you so much,,,

Nice contest brother.

Great work