CONTEST "What is Steemit-Family? Telling mother and children!"/ Steem family is a happy place.

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Is evening here already, so i say a good evening to everyone in the steemfamily community and beyond. I also welcome you to the last month of this year, hope you have made good plans for your family for this last month?


I am always delighted to write in this community and today i will be participating in a contest as organized by @greatketty which is about the importance of steem family to mother or children. So i will tell how i spend my time with my children as a Mother.

Steem Family is of a great benefit to my children and I. In this lovely community we get to share about family boundings. The activities we under went as a family.

Steem family has helped so many families to carry out activities together, and in a long run family relationships has been strengthened.

As a two star Mom i spend more time with my family and my children, i have watched them do interesting things and annoying things.

my son carrying his sister

IMG_20211115_172408_359.jpgplaying with his sisterIMG_20211115_082037_136.jpg

Yesterday i fried potatoes for us to eat, my son went and sat on the cushion to help himself and the next thing he did was to put the plate as a cap, i just didn't know what to say i picked my phone and snapped him


I know that children learn by observing what we do, but this action i never expected him to demonstrate it. One day when i finished signing someone up in the system and i took his selfie my son went to pick the paper and stood for me to take his selfie, i was just laughing. As if i didn't get the sign, he knelt down and held the paper up and said schnap....i did and left the pictures in my phone to show him some day.

Am a steemian to, schnap me


On one of our outting he was serving as an usher, he helped to share refreshment to everyone present

serving drink


Some days i will decide to surprise him with a gift since children appreciates gifts a lot i decided get him some learning aid since we have not started the conventional school, am happy that he is doing well with it.

I appreciate @greatketty for this contest and to @steemit-family too. I also appreciate @peachyladiva for inviting me to this contest.

I do invite my friends
to come and tell us about their family

My #club5050 Status

Warm Regards

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It's really awesome, seeing how you are spending a quality time with your children.

Thank you

All the best to you and your children

Thank you

It is awesome reading throu your post. The original baby Charis is such a caring brother to his your sister. Keep teaching good norms he will grow up to protect and defend his sister. I am happy to be invited to this all important contest

Thanks you

The family relationship with steem is incomparable. Thank you so much for participating in the Contest of Blessings and Wishes for Your Family.

Yes thats true.

Thank brother