It’s Bullish After Crash

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Many crypto traders were shocked yesterday when the market crash. Most features traders got hitted stop loss or liquadated. But, some experienced traders had much benefit by the crash. Actually, we might exit the market one day before crash if we take a look at BTC Dominance that started going up and it was about to cross EMA 200. If BTC decreases and BTC Dominance increases that means alts coins would be decrease and even dumping.


However, the trend of crypto is bullish right now, so we don’t worry about the crash and we have to take it as a big chance to collect more coins. September is almost always in “red”. I think September is the last chance to purchase and hold coins in cheaper price as they will going up in October, November and December or January is the peak. We hope it could happen as predicted.

Today I just read a news about the Bank Standard Chartereed predicted Bitcoin in long term will reach $175,000 and ETH could be traded at $26,000 - $35,000.Source. They publish the prediction just one day after big crash.

More Coins to Collect
Not only BTC or ETH, we have to collect various coins like STEEM, XRP, COTI, ICP, TRB etc. Just do your on researh for the coins you would purchase as not all coins will go to peak. We can see how $SOL is already reach its new ATH.


I regretted not to buy $SOL when it was $2.5. I know the coin when it was so cheap. I just bought some when it was $7 dan sold all of them when it was $39. Look at it now, it’s already over $200! I think $SOL can go higher, but for me, it’s better to find other gems and hold them until the peak season.

It’s bullish time and September is the last chance to have low prices of coins. Fill your bags with different coins and let’s see in December 2021 or January 2022. We have to stay bullish though the crash was so hard and suddently.

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