What are some things that happen only in India?

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time - about the 1950s.

My grandfather and younger brother went to meet one of his friends. You come from the same category so it can be a marital relationship.

My great-grandfather tells this friend that he has a daughter. They would like to marry the son of this friend. the average age difference is about 5-7 years. The friend agrees.

But my grandfather had three sons, and my father was the youngest.

So it came naturally to ask for a daughter in the background. (with a second son to marry).

The friend replied "I don't have a daughter yet, but if I have a daughter, I would be happy to marry your son."

and the following year the friend gained courage.

A promise has been made. The promise is fulfilled.

by the time the girl is 13-14 she is married to the boy of her choice even before she was born. Even before his mother put him in her womb.

(source - this lady is in her 70s now)

What are some of the things that are happening in India only?

this incident happened a long time ago.

but it is still possible in India.

happening in India.

(reminder - live in 2021)

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