It is not right to block religious activities

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Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim

Those who have objections to religious gatherings and sacrifices in the name of Allah must read this story!

Dai-e-Allah, a sincere friend of Akhtar, narrated an instructive incident of Hazrat Maulana Umar Sahib Palanpuri, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, which is worth remembering, the gist of which is, from the said person, some modern thinkers. One said that during the journey? You pious gentlemen hold big gatherings and meetings, in which the nation spends millions of rupees. If this money is saved, a big college or university can be built, which will benefit many Muslims economically. He kept listening to what they said?


When they had finished speaking, he addressed them with full conviction and said, “Today you people object to the expenses incurred in propagating the religion and in the Islamic Madrasas, and I say that today the nation is the people of a city. With a large Muslim population, the amount of money they spend daily to shave the beard of the Prophet in Sunnah, if every penny is saved, then a school-college can be established with this money, you have no objection. No one objects to what is being spent on erasing the Sunnah of the Prophet and what money is being spent on the propagation of the religion from which there is much hope of guidance and reformation. Hearing this answer, the protestors sat down.

Akher submits that the said objection is not confined to a few, but a circle has permanently formed in the Ummah who do not say a word about extravagance, extravagance and extravagance, but when expenditure is incurred in the name of it. So, his face becomes wrinkled, no doubt this is also a special sign of hypocrisy, but it is Allah's order that the hypocrites, however miserly they may be and how much they care to prevent people from spending for religion. But the work of this Deen has not stopped from anyone and will not stop from anyone, and Allah, the Exalted and Exalted, continues to meet its needs from His Unmanifested Treasure and will take care of its needs, whether the hypocrites like it or not. Be it or not. If it is acceptable to Allah, He will allow him to spend it in good places, because in the hadith, Allah Ta'ala accepts only pure wealth and those whose wealth is not acceptable in the sight of Allah should be kept. Will go away from the cost of religion

We should all examine our minds from time to time in the light of the above signs of hypocrisy and try our best not to develop any hypocritical traits in us, may Allah Ta'ala protect the entire Ummah from the influence of hypocrisy.

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