Why Mistakes Are The Best Life Guides

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We are afraid of mistakes, the whole schooling system punishes us for mistakes, in this way we lose the logic of research, and the creative research spirit falls asleep. Limits are set and logic becomes the main principle of science, life, and way of thinking, emotions are suppressed and with them, imagination becomes a fairy tale that is slowly being forgotten. In essence, it is best when we always research and when we are not afraid to make mistakes, in this way we develop our creative intelligence abilities, and we become brave warriors of life and success. Our path to freedom is made up of mistakes, trials, falls, research, courage and progress through learning from obstacles. We should not allow someone to take away our dreams, to divert us from the path of passion and research, we progress through visions and emotions that carry us on the wings of innovation and enthusiasm. The strength of our success comes from the strength of our freedom, when we are fearless explorers our life becomes an adventure of success, and we become leaders in our environment.


Free yourself from the framework in which you do not have the opportunity to explore, you are created for victories, adventures and the creation of life potential that frees you and others.

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Nice content

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wow, this is amazing, this is noted sir"The strength of our success comes from the strength of our freedom", those that mean our freedom is directly proportional to our strength?

This is a good write-up, I love it!
Please continue with a great job! 👍