Why Desire Never Gets Obsolete?

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They say in the Vedic scriptures that desire is the eternal companion of the soul, that the whole universe revolves when we believe that our desire can come true. Desire is the beginning of creation, everything springs from desire and it starts from the heart, the feeling of joy, success, fulfillment, realization, it triggers all the energies and emotions that give us the strength to move. All people on the planet have desires, all want to become rich, to be respected, successful, happy, healthy, the point is that only a small number of people take action that supports the realization of desires. Everyone has desires, only a small number of people realize them, only a small number of people are ready to invest work, discipline, faith, dedication, to overcome obstacles on the way to fulfill desires. The good thing is that we know that everyone who believes and who works on achieving and reaching the goal, the point is to acquire habits of success that automatically lead us to realization. The best feeling is when our wish comes true, it is really worth having big dreams and living in them.


The magnificent power of desire that flows into a goal, defined steps, strategy, is realized with everyday actions, never stop believing in yourself and success.

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