Touches of Tenderness

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The wind raises the thoughts of the fortress of our romance, we turn away from the views of other people because we feel the need to be alone. We cleaned the roads with happy days of joy, we raise our mood and enthusiasm through gentle kisses and touches.


Cross over the other side of reality and see through the mirror of the river flowing in the valley of knowledge, try to get back to the top of success with pure gentlemanly manners. Every word has a place in the empty sides of the future, you are the master of your karma in relation to the laws.

Unknown pathways in space and time pose the risky future of our decision, the choices become tight at places of extensive knowledge. Open horizons of romantic challenges travel through the universe of wisdom, set goals and realize your dreams.

The weakness and strength of the immoral cleansing of true lies lead to the energy of sublime royal thoughts, and show us the way of truth and life. A sense of justice at the fate points brings a loving adventure of mystic insight, a wise decision provides a hand to the embrace of destiny.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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