Three Key Steps to Success on Steemit...

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Writing posts, dedication to communicating with other users, activities in communities, all this requires time and knowledge from us. When you see users who earn a lot on their posts and you want to have such earnings, there is a way and it should be done step by step. You need to write great posts, the most attractive ones are about Steem blockchain and Steemit, if you have inspiring tips, information, if you know how to attract new investors and raise Steem value it is a topic that everyone loves, that all users support. If you are not a businessman, write about what you like but in such a way that readers benefit from what is written. Write a creative headline to get others interested in reading your post, and the content must justify your headline, be inspiring, and with the right values ​​that users will get from you. Connect with successful users/communities, be active and become an integral part of the leading team, let your activities be selfless, give your maximum so that people see that you are worth it, then you will get support. It is necessary for others to see that you have quality, that you are a person they can trust, that you are hardworking and persistent, that you want to support actions, that you are there every day.


The most important thing is to have 1. Your goal, 2. To write great posts with topics you like and for users to have value from reading, 3. To connect with great leaders/communities and be present every day, for everyone to notice your work and activity, that you want to help communities and that Steem value grows. If you have a creative idea you can open your community, if you have money then it is great to invest in Steem, to raise your voting power. It is indeed possible to do great things, perseverance and the discipline associated with creative and smart work always finds a way to get to the top.

Steem On


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

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Good writeup although you also promoted Elon Green Coin which I think is the actual purpose of the write-up.
Steemit has been here for a long time, I think there is a need to do more promotion on social media to attract new users, Crypto is a big deal now and so many young people are interested.

Welcome to Steemit. For years my purpose how to make Steem a better place, now with Elon Green also.

I like to upvote good posting, but my powersteem is very low :D and limited.
Maybe big curator want to upvote my posting to recharge the power :D
Thank you for your tips and motivation @dobartim

You are welcome, keep going

Thanks for this post

You are welcome

Es bueno leer este contenido en momentos de desanimo es como recargar bateria y volver a motivarme, gracias por tan valiosos consejos.


Muchas gracias por tu informacion y consejos


Ok, thank you.

You are welcome

Thanks for your post! I am a dancer, and mainly write about my life in dance, and art and also have a podcast called To Be An artist

Very nice, give me a link, I want to see. P.S. Welcome to

This is my YouTube channel:
This is a playlist with all the interviews I have done so far:

hope you like it

Now I looked at some of your videos, really impressive. You can also do interviews here on Steemit. Welcome to the telegram business group, you can share with us some of your adventurous artistic experiences.

good night!

Good morning

Thank for your motivation that's really make me better.

Welcome to Steemit

Thank you for the motivation. Its inspire me

You are welcome

This is really inspiring and motivating. Thank you sir!

Welcome to the Telegram Group on live business classes - Creative Millionaires

Ok, thank you for the advice.


Your write is so amazing and inspiring. Thank you sir 🙌

Welcome to the Telegram Group on live business classes - Creative Millionaires

Okay thank you sir🙏

No tengo dinero, llevo desde el 2017 en steemit, he hecho de todo para crecer y no he tenido resultados. ¿Que me falta? Deme un consejo puntual, porque la verdad ya no sé que hacer. Gracias.

Es obvio que tienes que cambiar tu forma de pensar, entender la lógica y el éxito de Steemit para tener éxito. Lo que en concreto ya es individual y requiere consulta.

P.S Kako bi se ti oećala da ti ja odgovaaram na mom jeziku, da moraš da ideš na Google translate i da prevedeš na španski. Jezik koji spaja ceo svet je Engleski. Nisam te video na online časovima, moraš da posvetiš svoje vreme za učenje.

I have to spend time doing many things dear friend. You have taught me a lot and you know I am grateful. I need consultation is right. But until that comes I will keep working. It is very difficult to learn English. I have really tried, but I die trying. Greetings dear friend.