Sometimes It's Sweet and Sometimes It's Bitter - Everything Together Can Be Great

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Ups and downs, happiness and unhappiness, success and failure, everything are in front of us and behind us and life is a mix of things we decide on and go through. If you manage to go through problems in such a way that you study them like science, then that bitterness is sweet because it appears when we need it in the form of experience. The more mistakes we make, the better for us, of course, the point is not to repeat the same mistakes but to explore and overcome new obstacles in life, then we gain experiential knowledge that leads us further towards life's fulfilment. The indecision to move forward even when it's bitter and difficult can only bring us back, the point is that we can always make progress and that's why we should be brave and move towards our goals again every day. Repetition, practice, rehearsal, these steps lead us to success and if we want to climb to the top, we must not skip it. It is important to know that we are capable of doing great things, we are born with the creative power to make a great success.


Sweet and bitter mixed together with our acceptance becomes a life that is interesting, successful and happy.

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