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Words are the best weapon in the world, thinking is the highest paid job in the world. Communication is the most important thing for success, only good communication establishes relationships, makes agreements, friendships open all the doors we need for a successful and happy life. Steemit is based on excellent communication, words should be like poetry, to caress the soul of the user, so that everyone who reads your post feels the energy, to receive important information that can change their lives. The greatest and most powerful weapon is the word, when we learn to use them in the right way then we receive blessings in all areas of life. People like to see a smile, to hear a nice word, to read useful information, and to feel the power of enthusiasm that will move them to do something more in life. Are you driven by a post in which you see a picture of rice with spices? Does the post-move you to read a sentence that tells you that a photo of a cloud was taken after the rain? People experience Steemit as a cow they can take advantage of, unfortunately, most posts are useless, it’s hard to pick posts that really have a soul. When he comes across a capable businessman, investor, will he want to work with people who are professionals, whose post has the power that everyone wants to be friends with a blogger, or will he want to do business with people who want to make money in 1 minute of work on a post that has no purpose other than for him to make money? You choose what you want to do on Steemit, the point is to make money and reinvest it in Steem Power, it will bring you even more success.


Your words are your credibility, you represent yourself, your qualities, your abilities, you brand yourself and that is the only way to great success because everyone wants to work with people who have credibility. Do you want to work with people who want to run the system, to take money from rewards in a cheap way, or do you want to work with people who really have serious posts, invested knowledge, and time to make money? Your words have the power to change someone's life, so write from the heart, let every sentence be addressed to the readers to get some advice, to be raised with enthusiasm, move your audience. We make business on Steemit out of words, and with money, we can earn our financial freedom with smart investments. Remember, your words have value and can make you very rich. You create your destiny, dedicate yourself 100% and be persistent, the time of blessing on the Steem blockchain is coming.

Steem On


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

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Por esta razon me detengo en sus publicaciones y leo lo que desea expresar, me gusta esta frase:

palabras que acaricien el alma del usuario.

Esto siento cuando leo sus articulos. 💖


good luck

@tipu curate

I live this post.
Truly thinking is the greatest way of making it. The more you use your brain, the more outstanding you become.


There are even people who say that everyone thinks how they express themselves and will end up behaving in the same way

I know

i agree sir


I agree sir

Excelente amigo. La comunicación es un arma poderosa, aún más si la expresamos en el momento oportuno, para así ser efectiva

publicación motivadora asi es la palabra tiene poder es algo que repito a diario y agregaria otra no sabemos el potencial que tenemos hasta que no nos atrevemos te felicito con tus publicaciones nos orientas a quienes comenzamos en esta plataformas y tenemos mucho por decir y escribir.